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Like every year, more infrastructure development coming your way!

The Punjab government has allocated Rs 400 billion for the Annual Development Programme (ADP) in the financial year 2015-2016. The current allocation is Rs 55 billion more than the previous year’s development budget.

The development budget is further divided into six sectors; social sector, infrastructure development, production sector, services sector, others sectors and special initiatives/ programmes. Of these six, infrastructure development sector has received the largest chunk of the development budget.

Social sector has been allocated Rs 119.179 billion. This allocation has been further divided into seven sub-categories that comprise education, health and family planning, water supply and sanitation, social welfare, women development, local government, PVTC and TEVTA.

An amount of Rs 55.56 billion has been allocated for education making it about half of the entire social sector budget. Rs 30.72 billion have been allocated for health and family planning, Rs. 24 billion for water supply and sanitation, Rs 1,530 million for social welfare, Rs. 500 million for women development, Rs.3,860 million for local government and Rs 3,000 million for PVTC and TEVTA.

Infrastructure development has been allocated Rs 161.47 billion. It is further divided into five subcategories including roads, irrigation, energy, public buildings and urban development. Rs 69, 400 million have been allocated for roads, Rs 35,370 million for irrigation, Rs 31,000 million for energy, Rs. 9,140 million for Public Building and Rs 16,566 for Urban Development.

A sum of Rs. 28.52 billion has been allocated to production sector which comprises agriculture, cooperatives, forestry, wildlife, fisheries, food, livestock, industries, mines and minerals, and tourism. Rs 10,725 million have been allocated for agriculture, Rs 100 million for cooperatives, Rs 900 million for forestry, Rs 700 million for wildlife, Rs 600 million for fisheries, Rs 725 for food, Rs 5,065 million for livestock, Rs 7,330 million for industries, Rs 1,450 for mines and mineral and Rs 930 million for tourism.

Services Sector has been allocated Rs 39.08 billion. It is further subdivided into four subsectors including governance and information technology, labour and HR department, transport and emergency service. Rs 8,540 million have been allocated for governance and information technology, Rs 610 million for labour and HR department, Rs 28,030 million for transport and Rs 1,900 million have been allocated for emergency Services.

An amount of Rs 7,690 million has been allocated to other sectors in the annual budget 2015-2016. This includes an allocation of Rs 50 million for environment, Rs 360 million for Information and Culture, Rs 400 million for Archaeology, Rs 100 million for Auqaf and Religious Affairs, Rs 500 million for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs and Rs 6,280 million for Planning and Development.

Furthermore, a sum of Rs 44,050 million has been reserved for special initiatives. Rs 12, 000 million have been allocated for district and Tehsil Municipal Administration(TMA) development program, Rs 9,000 million for priority program, Rs 9,000 million for special initiatives, Rs 12,000 million for viability gap fund and Rs 2,050 million have been allocated under the special development package for Balochistan.

Ali Usman

The write is President of the Education Reporters Association (ERA).

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