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Two spanking new education projects about to commence

Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training, Engr. Muhammad Baleeqh Ur Rehman on Wednesday said that the federal government would introduce new projects to ensure the quality of education, and improve the rate of enrolment.

He said the ministry would start the `National Foundation Schools’ in the capital through the collaboration of Public-Private partnership to improve early school education standards.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of three-day workshop on `Orientation Training on Concept and Methodology of Early Childhood Education for Low Cost Private Schools of Islamabad’, he said a vocation education programme for students of class six to 10 is also on cards.

Giving details of the new concept he said, for the students who did not have any interest in studies, basic technical and vocation courses would be initiated for children in grades six to eight.

“These students would not get intense academic education but skill based education facility would be provided to them so that rather than running away from schools, they develop an interest in courses of their aptitude,” he stated.

The minister said in class 9-10, the 200 approved courses of National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTEC) would be offered to students for filling the gap in technical education in the country.

The minister further said only 0.6 per cent schools are offering technical education in the country which result in lack of skill based and specialised training of youngsters.

The minister further said they are also working on `National Curriculum Council’ to ensure same education standards for all in the country.

Although, education is a provincial subject after 18 amendment, but all the provinces, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and other areas voluntarily show their consent to join the council except Sindh.