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Maya Red Carpet: Premiere Kicks Off in Full Zest!

Vogue Towers Super Cinema held a red carpet event for acclaimed director and actor Jawad Bashir’s feature film ‘Maya’, which is to be released in cinemas all across Pakistan on the 12th, Pakistan Today reports.


Celebrities and horror movie fanatics flooded the building at 9:00 sharp, and took to the red carpet for their comments and short interviews.


While some indulged in pictures with the celebrities and cast of the movie, selfies were the most indulged in activity at the premiere.


People chose to talk about what they mostly prefer while making it to the cinema for watching a movie, and how Pakistani cinema is slowly progressing.


Amongst the celebrities who made it for their director friend Jawad Bashir were Asad Malik from ‘Kaneez’ fame, the legendary Salman Shahid, Javed Sheikh and acclaimed director Syed Noor.


Free snacks and refreshments were provided to the people who came for the screening!


Before the start of the movie, Jawad Bashir gave out a special message to his audience, claiming that he dedicates the movie to his daughter Misha and urging people to support Pakistani cinema, whilst watching Hollywood and Bollywood.


Maya is a great effort put in by a horror-fanatic himself, and we wish Jawad Bashir and his entire team the best of luck for his future endeavours!


While Hina Jawad and Anam Malik (Female cast) were unavailable due to other indulgences, the event was a star-studded one and families showed support by making it there, as the cast were mostly making their film debuts.


Ahmed Sheikh, Zain Afzal, and Ahmed Abdul Rehman made their male debuts in Maya while Hina Jawad and Anam Malik made their female debuts in Maya.


Maya is a first-of-its-kind Pakistani horror movie based on true events.






  1. Minahil said:

    Why wasn’t Hina Jawad present on the premier?

  2. Halima Zainab said:

    be sure to watch it as it is not the one to miss. showing in cenimas from 12 june!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hamza Asif said:

    Disappointed not to see Maya(Hina Jawad) at the premier.

  4. said:

    This is great info. I struggle talking about myself, but making a video about what I do is something I been thinking about. I have been supporting myself doing freelance work for about 6 months now and I'm at the point where I know I need to transition from being the videographer to being the production company.

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