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Sharif urges Ban to help resolve Kashmir issue

PM tells UN top official that there is no acknowledgement of initiatives he has taken to promote dialogue with India

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urged the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to play a proactive role in promoting peace and normalisation in the region.

He stressed that it is incumbent on the UN Security Council to ensure early implementation of its commitment as reflected in the Security Council’s resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.

Sharif met UN Secretary General in Tajikistan on the sidelines of the International Conference on the Implementation of the International Decade for Action “Water for Life”.

Talking about India, Sharif said that there appeared to be no acknowledgement of the initiatives he had taken to promote a dialogue process with that country. In fact recent statements by the Indian leadership had been deeply disappointing, he said.

The prime minister told Ban that Pakistan has a strong and steadfast relationship with the UN and the country highly appreciates his leadership in advancing the key objectives of peace and development.

Talking about Pakistan’s counterterrorism measures, the prime minister said the country has formulated a 20-point National Action Plan, adopting a policy of zero tolerance and unflinching dedication towards countering this menace.

The prime minister reiterated to the UN secretary general that the overriding foreign policy priority of his government is the establishment of a peaceful neighbourhood, which is vital for the wellbeing and prosperity of the entire region. To this end, he has reached out to all of Pakistan’s neighbours, including India and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile a UN spokesman said that Secretary-General Ban underscored the need for improving relations between India and Pakistan.

“The Secretary-General and the Prime Minister also discussed relations among countries in the region, including Afghanistan and Central Asian countries,” Spokesman Stephane Dujarric told the regular noon briefing in New York.

“The Secretary-General emphasized the need for improved relations between Pakistan and India,” he added.

Asked whether the Kashmir dispute figured in the talks, the spokesman said the two leaders talked about a range of issues between the two neighbours. “On the issue of countering terrorism, the secretary-general stressed the importance of addressing root causes,” the spokesman said.

“He (Ban) also asked for Pakistan’s support in adopting and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” Dujarric added.

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