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Police reforms vital to effectively counter terrorism

Organisational reforms are crucial for credibility in the police department and improving its performance towards criminal investigations and counter terrorism.

These views were expressed by  speakers on  Tuesday as they shared the recommendations of the research carried out for the purpose of understanding the structural flaws and to suggest the way forward for police reforms.

Rozan on behalf of Pakistan Forum for Democratic Police (PFDP), conducted a research study titled “Quest for Democratic Policing: Politics of Police Reforms in Pakistan” by DIG Dr Ehsan Sadiq (PSP).

The ceremony opened with a welcome note by, Rozan Managing Director, Babar Bashir, while the author of the research Ehsan Sadiq gave a brief presentation on the history of police reforms and shed the light on Colonel Legacy while comparing the Police Act 1861 and the Police order 2002.

Ehsan Sadiq stressed for initiating a series of organisational reforms in key performance areas including counter terrorism, criminal investigations, responsiveness to public, community engagement, merit based recruitment or promotions and also to show zero tolerance for corruption, torture and use of violence extra-judicial means.

He pointed out that such measures need to be complemented by enhanced gender representation, development of performance indicators, monitoring mechanisms, improved behaviour with public, a robust media relations strategy and close coordination with prosecution and judiciary.

He stressed for bridging the trust deficit with the community through a more liberal crime registration policy, adoption of ADR mechanism, creation of Gender and Juvenile units.

PSP Officer Eshan Sadiq called for making police stations adequately resourced, well equipped and focus of reform effort and up-gradation of training facilities, methodology and content, updating of police criminal records and creation of e-databases.

Dr. Sania Nishtar congratulated Dr. Ehsan Sadiq for carrying out the analytical research on such topic since the country needs it the most.

She said that Dr. Ehsan wrote the history of the Police chronologically with great simplicity, adding that research study depicts a clear comparison of 1861 Act and police order 2002.

Dr. Maria Sultan DG SSASI termed strong police essential for secure country and talked about the structure of police stations.

She said there was a need to bring reforms in police stations at primary level and focused on the representation of women in police department.