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Mawra Hocane of Pakistan has three Bollywood projects in hand

Mawra Hocane, the lovely Pakistani beauty who has taken her Indian fans by storm with a strong presence in TV shows such as Ladki Hona Gunah Nahi, Indian version of Pakistani hit show Main Gunahgar Nahin, will make appearances in Indian films soon!

According to sources and Instagram posts, Mawra Hocane is having a great time shooting and rehearsing in Mumbai and has made quite a lot of friends there during her visit.

On Instagram and Twitter Mawra recently posted pictures of her in Mumbai. She has been hinting at reading scripts and interacting with popular filmmakers at the film studios in Mumbai.

TV show Ladki Hona Gunah Nahin was widely appreciated by Indian audience as it was about a rape survivor fighting for her dignity and combating societal pressure. Depicting the antagonising attitude of society and family, the TV show was very close to modern time reality that has marred the oppressive society in India and Pakistan.

Another popular show Gulon Main Rang, which is based on Pakistani novel titled Nikhar Gaye Gulabb Sare, is all set to make way in Indian channels soon. Mawra who plays the lead in Gulon Main Rang is hopeful that she will soon have a chance to make a strong presence in India.

With increasing acceptance from the Indian fans, several cross border actors are making debuts in Bollywood. Ali Zafar, Fawad Khan and Mahira are amongst the few that have recently gone to Bollywood and made their mark.


  1. gary said:

    Mawra is very intelligent unlike some other Pakistani actresses. Her photos reveals all.

    • nouman said:

      you mean by dress,similar to indian womens.

  2. kaamAdmi said:

    Larki hona gunah nahi par behaya larki hona zurur gunah hy. Bye the way keeping muslim name and having pakistani passport but doing what indians do will take her to same place where indians go in the here after

  3. Waqas said:

    She doing this for money lust will never end . Marwa you realize it later.


    mere khyal se mahira,mawra or mehwish hayat ko apna naam be change kr lena chahiya jesa k kam change ke chuki hai……………………………..THEY ALL ARE LOOSING THEIR POPULARITY

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