• Investigators see Indian spy agency’s involvement in Safoora Goth attack as ISIS not in Karachi
  • Official says India achieved strategic objectives linked to China with attack on Ismailis on CPEC route

Initial investigation and intelligence reports on Wednesday’s Safoora Goth terrorist attack on a bus carrying Ismailis have hinted at the involvement of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in the attack, Pakistan Today has learnt.

According to sources, investigators told Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif that the attackers targeted the Ismaili community which belongs to Gilgit-Baltistan–the main artery of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), while media reports claimed that Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had played a key role in allocation of over one billion dollars to RAW to sabotage Chinese investment in Pakistan.

A well-placed source privy to the details of the briefings given to COAS at Corps Headquarters Karachi told Pakistan Today that the initial leads suggested a “strong possibility” of RAW involvement in the attack as “ISIS has no footprints in Karachi”.

Moreover, the investigators have found that all those killed and injured in the attack had bullet wounds in their heads which hinted that the attackers wanted to kill all their targets to spread terror amongst the people of Karachi.

“This is the only hint which is linked to ISIS. However, this might be a bid to mislead the investigators. So it is being investigated whether this was a bid to shift the focus of intelligence agencies from MQM to ISIS or if terrorists of ethnic and religious outfits have joined hands against LEAs. Moreover, another question for the investigators was that the pamphlets dropped by the killers at the crime scene raised serious questions about the motive of attack,” the source said.

“The COAS was briefed that the pamphlets raised questions whether the attackers belonged to ISIS and if it was a bid to mislead the investigators. One of the major questions has been why ISIS had to mention a threat to SSP Malir Rao Anwaar, who should not have any significance for a major terror group,” the source said.

“The investigators are also probing whether or not there was any link between target killers of MQM and banned outfits,” the source added.

Asked about the rationale behind attacking Ismailis, who have been peaceful and never found involved in sectarian trends, the source said, ”We believe that the Ismailis have been attacked on two counts: to prove to the world that Pakistan was a fragile state which was still under attack from terrorists. So the attack aims at sending a negative message to Ismailis who live in Gilgit, Hunza and other parts of GB from where Karakorum Highway passes. Since, Gilgit would be major link in the CPEC, the terrorists wanted to enrage Ismailis. Indians in this regard have gained strategic objectives by this attack,” the official said.

“Moreover, the attack is aimed at telling our Chinese friends that their huge investment in Pakistan is not secure. The timing of this attack is important as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting China. This also suggests that Modi would be advocating the Chinese leadership to review their future plans vis-a-vis Pakistan, as China has made Pakistan a pivot for its future endeavours,” the source added.

The security official added that another motive of the attack would be to influence the world view against Pakistan as the leader of Ismailis Prince Karim Agha Khan enjoys immense international influence.

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  1. A Patriot said:

    Chinese are not that fickle. All weather friends. As for RAW they’re playing with fire and are surely to get burned.

    • @mesquiteice said:

      Which country allows Hafiz Saeed to declare that they are proud to support Pak Army's Jihad in Kashmir. Which country sponsored islamic terrorism against USSR during cold war. Which Country does not consider Ahmedis as muslims even though they themself claim to be muslims? Which country has strict blashpemy laws. Which country itself declared Zarb e azb claiming to cleanse terrorists.

      • Awais said:

        facts are different what you see and said. blasphemphy laws are in every islamic country but.. you got no idea. 2nd thing is that zarb eazab is to eliminate terroists and clearing the area from ttp. have you ever had a tour to swat ? no you just sit and talk here in lesiure times. moreover ussr war was the game created by america and players choosen was pakistan. and Ahmedis are not muslims because the condition of being muslim is to accept prophet PbUH and Allah with full belief. you are not even muslim how could you know and say such things without knowing, so ****up

  2. Amir said:

    Raw but Hindu will be a loser his games will not work in the long term.

  3. Moinuddin said:

    What a joke. Kids RAW never do such things. Your ISI openly supporting terrorists. You people are terrorists. Killing innocents on the name of Almighty Allah. Blackspot on the name of Islam. Learn something us ie. Indian muslims.

    • anonymous said:

      We would rather live with dignity and respect than to allow indian hindus and sikhs to rule over us!
      Theoretically, indians are known as conformist, who tend to copy and follow the most dominant culture/philosophy, this is now the case all over the world! Indians have freely adopted western values and suffer from inferiority complex, whilst the people residing in the upper plateau of Himalayas tend to preserve their culture and values at all costs!

    • anonymous said:

      Moinuddin access the times of india and see for yourself under the comments section exactly what your fellow indians think of muslims! they constantly abuse muslims! just go and check out the comments!

      • @jatak4 said:

        If u see, comments section of a US based site, then u will get same type of comments about Muslims. Comment section is not representaive of any country

  4. Nida said:

    What complete and utter nonsense! The fact is this attack is the result of the state's failure and active support of violent Islamist groups for their own ends. When will people wake up?!

    • anonymous said:

      Provide empirical evidence please! making such accusations without providing the necessary evidence is futile!

    • awais said:

      this isnt so simple nida .everything got planned under orgnized way

    • Dan said:

      Who is involved in incidents require some analysis, weapons used, methods adopted to carry out attacks. They might wanted to mislead investigations by dropping phamplets. And investigation agencies are in better position to identify attackers than you and me. And they are voicing the involvement of RAW and I believe them.

    • anonymous said:

      I dont think you have fully grasped the concept of empirical evidence! Your going of a pamphlet! Pathetic!
      Nida go troll indian newspapers! Your not welcome here!

    • awais said:

      wowh anyone come to your place robbed the place and go leaving phamplets of GERMANY will you believe them ?

  5. Reform said:

    Your opening statement itself is false. The people killed do not belong to Gilgit-Baltistan, they were very much Karachi enrooted people. Secondly Gilgit-Baltistan is not the only home to Ismailis, they are across the world.
    Grow up Pakistan Times.

    • Dan said:

      He was trying to emphasize that by targetting Ismailis, attackers want to de-establize gilgit baltistan region because it is an integral part of PCEC.

  6. guest said:

    I really dont want to know the reasons ….can the innocent people killed mercilessly come back…at this moment if you all can do something is to pray for the departed souls…I hope and i wish the culprits do get caught and do get punished..

  7. Kevin Lambplough said:

    The central problem is law and order; major criminals in Pakistan in the 21st century are pretty ruthless; recently 6 killers killed 45 people in a bus attack and didn’t bat an eyelid; because of these criminals thousands of Pakistanis have died not to mention incalculable economic losses; I feel vindicated to suggest an execution rate of at least 50 per month in terms of killers and major criminals; that is the least the state can be expected to do. We really need to send a message that killers and major criminals will have no second chances in Pakistan.

  8. raja habib jalib said:

    every one knows that it is Indian plan to des stablize Pakistan & to destry the route via Gilget, it was pre-plan attack on Ismailies to show the World that investment in Pakistan will not bring any result, Now ,it is up to Pakistani investigaters to catch these culprits ,who are playing with innocentlives. Raja Habib Jalib Chairman J&K Human Rights Council Int Wing.

  9. hnr said:

    Why would RAW come to Pakistan to kill.There are millions of thriving prosperous ismalis in India if it wanted to attack them,They are a respected community in India unlike in Pakistan where they are hounded and vulnerable.

  10. jaggy said:

    Pakistan always tries to hide its own faults/weaknesses, and blame others
    The killings will continue, and they will continue to search for clues, where none exist.

  11. raja habib jalib said:

    we all know that it is India who is doing all these acts with the help of some Pakistani political leaders, & agents. The targetting Ismailie Community was a message for China ,not to invest in Kashmir area,so Pakistan must be careful because many leaders in Paktoonkwa,Karachi ,& Balochistan are paid agents of RAW, they are using the name of religious fundamentalist & hiding behind them ,so that no one notice them. (raja Habib Jlaib Chairman Jammu & Kashmir HRCIW)

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