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Pakistan protests RAW terrorism

  • Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry says Indian spy agency involved in terrorist activities across Pakistan
  • Says too early to put blame of Karachi bus attack on Islamic State
  • FO spokesperson says Afghanistan asked to stop use of its territory by RAW against Pakistan

Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry on Thursday said that Indian intelligence agency RAW [Research and Analysis Wing] is involved in terrorist activities across Pakistan.

Addressing reporters in the federal capital, Chaudhry said that the matter had been taken up “a number of times” at the highest level with India through diplomatic channels. He also touched upon the Karachi bus attack during the informal conversation, saying that it is too early to confirm the involvement of Islamic State militant group.

“IS involvement in the attack cannot be established on the basis of a pamphlet purportedly left by the assailants inside the targeted bus. However, security agencies are investigating the attack,” he said.

A letter was left by the gunmen on Wednesday who attacked the bus carrying members of the Ismaili community.

The foreign secretary said two criminals arrested from Karachi recently have revealed that they received training from RAW. He said some militant groups are acting on RAW’s behest to spread terrorism in Pakistan.

“Pakistan is fighting war against terrorism for the last 15 years and India should refrain from causing more trouble for the country,” he said. He added that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had also stressed in his recent visit to Afghanistan that Afghan soil should not be used against Pakistan.

Earlier during the day, the spokesperson for the Foreign Office responding to a question about Pakistan’s relationship with Afghanistan had said that Pakistan has told Afghanistan that RAW should not be allowed to operate against Pakistan from Afghan territory.

At his weekly news briefing, Foreign Office Spokesperson Qazi Khalil Ullah said Pakistan supports an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation process for peace and stability in the entire region.

When asked to comment on reports that the Indian prime minister wants to use cricket diplomacy to improve relations with Pakistan, Qazi Khalil Ullah said Pakistan welcomes the positive statements coming from India. He noted the cricket matches between the two countries have always brought the peoples of two countries close to each other. It is our desire to play the cricket series against India, he added.

The spokesman strongly rejected allegations that the Pakistani government had prior knowledge of US operation against Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad. He said the accusations made by US journalist Seymour Hersh about Pakistan are totally baseless.

To a question on Saudi-Yemeni conflict, the spokesperson said Pakistan has welcomed the Saudi decision of ceasefire and announced humanitarian assistance for the brotherly people of Yemen.

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  1. Tariq said:

    Ok, thank you for telling this, what is next step?

    • alpha alpha said:

      summer vacations with family to paris .Only wearer knows where it pinches

  2. Eddied said:

    Sure just blame your neighbor for all problems while ignoring the radical religious militants who are destroying your country…this man should be ashamed of himself for taking the cowardly way out…

    • Indoaryan said:

      Usual Paki rhetoric, one way of side stepping responsibility and earn ones wages without any worthwhile contributions to his department.
      Is there no body in Pakistan to ask this man to provide some sort of evidence of what he says ? The people of Pakistan have been failed by the their elected leaders and of course the Paki press, who have failed to question the honorable Foreign Secretary for his empty utterances.

      • Aamir said:

        when leader of an opposition party (MQM) openly asks for RAW help that is an evidence in itself.
        its not the usual Pakistani rhetoric by the way,this something India does all the time.
        it is the first time Pakistan has come forward with something like this so they must have some sort of proof.
        the two sides genuinely need to be honest with each other.

  3. Indoaryan said:

    Foreign Secretary Aizaz should be asked to provide irrefutable evidence to back up his statement. Merely making statements is a very childish action from a Foreign Secretary Of Pakis. With so many successful attacks being carried out on daily basis, i would say this Foreign Secretary is too foreign for a country like Pakistan and he should be sent on a long leave to a foreign country of his choice… Somalia ? Pretty useless man.. no wonder Pakistan finds itself in such a messy situation.

  4. tauqir said:

    India has no proper evidence of dilhi terrorist drama which was created by their own, but still blame pakistan, naksil tehreek is at peak in india, kashmir issue was created by india, still he is not acting upon united nations resolutions, hindu favour policy of moodi sarkar is also a factor which is creating issue in kashmir, and all the minorities in india. so first indians should settle their own big problems, then talk about PAKISTAN.

  5. mchunnu said:

    Mostly from the Hindus,are the most mean creatures on the planet,as their cast system depicts. Dirty ,messy,politics taught by Chanakkya, is being practiced by Hindu leadership all of them,very cowards,uncultured, savage,ignorant,narrow minded,every one invaded them,and ruled on them,they never resist them,bowed their ,heads,hearts,and souls in front of all invaders,so timid nation,like sheep's never conquered an inch ,out side Bharat,since Ashoka Vikramaditya to Naraindra Modi,expert in blame games,clever than fox,but internally dumb and deaf,every one having two faces,one real,one virtual,champion of big lies,never ever trust on them,100% they are involved in terrorism in Pakistan,we need a quick Rewenge only,that's it…

    • imran said:

      I am a Pakistani and Muslim… pls do not drag religion into this………
      how could PT allow such kind of bigotry and inflammatory comment to go through?!?!?

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