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Uzair Baloch ‘gone with the wind’ after Dubai release

Notorious Lyari gang warlord Uzair Jan Baloch, who was reportedly cut loose by United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities last week, has allegedly gone into hiding.

Master of a ring of gangs and fugitive Uzair Baloch, who had taken flight to Middle East to avoid arrest, is wanted in Pakistan for multiple counts of violent crimes, including homicides, extortion, possession of illegal arms and kidnapping for ransom.

On December 28, 2014, the red-warranted runaway landed in the hands of Interpol at Dubai-Oman border. Baloch was trying to walk into UAE on a counterfeit passport.

According to sources in Dubai, Baloch is reportedly unwinding at a top Pakistani politician’s residence in Emirates Hills, a high-end gated community, which is, for the most part, home to the elite expatriate community.

Pakistani officials DSP Zahid Hussain, SP Usman Bajwa, SP Naveed Khawaja and a Rangers officer did go to Dubai to negotiate Baloch’s extradition but were sent packing back home after a documentary fiasco. Several media pundit in Pakistan doubted the extradition team’s intentions, accusing them of deliberately botching the job.

According to a media report, Baloch, who also holds Iranian nationality, is presumably in Afghanistan as one of his close relatives has claimed to have received a phone call from the gangwar suspect from an Afghan number.

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