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‘Temp post is mine to keep’ – Senior Nursing Staffer won’t leave

A senior nursing staffer at the Pakistan Institute of Medical sciences (PIMS) is unwilling to relinquish her temporary portfolio with the alleged connivance of senior management officials.

Farzana Aslam took over the short-term charge of deputy Chief nursing superintendent, once Ghazala Perveen went for a training course on a three-month leave.

A copy of documents attained by the media indicates that previous deputy Chief nursing superintendent Ghazala Perveen (BS-19) had been sent on G-cut course from January 8, 2015 to March 30, 2015 with the approval of Additional Director for three months. During the particular period, Farzana Aslam was posted in her place on a temporary basis.

Before Ghazala Perveen returned from the course, Vice chancellor Dr Javed Iqbal misused his authority and issued a written notification that Farzana Aslam has taken over the charge of deputy chief nursing superintendent from March 27, 2015.

After Ghazala Perveen tried to take over the charge after one month, she was threatened and was not given the permission to take over the charge with the understanding of senior authorities.

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