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Net not wide enough? Uzair Baloch eludes Sindh police in Dubai

The Sindh police team was not able to reach Dubai on the prescribed time for the extradition of Lyari gang-war key figure Uzair Baloch.

The police team had to reach Dubai in the second week of April but it failed to do so diminishing the chances of Baloch’s return.

Officials of the Sindh government have so far been unable to provide the necessary documents and evidence required to repatriate the notorious gang-leader jailed in Dubai.

The Sindh government has been trying to get custody of Uzair from authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but legal difficulties have restrained Pakistani police officials from getting his charge.

Uzair Baloch, the chief of the banned Peoples Aman Committee s (PAC), fled Pakistan in 2013 after the launch of a Rangers operation in Karachi.

Uzair, 37, is an alleged leader of one of the gangs operating in crime-infested Lyari, and has been blamed for running a network involved in criminal activities including killings, extortion and drugs business.

The Interpol arrested Uzair from Muscat in December and brought him to Dubai, where he is since being kept in detention.

Uzair Baloch has also filed a bail application in Dubai court and is likely to be freed from custody.

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  1. imran ali said:

    Sindh govt and agencies both used Uzair Baloch in the killing in karachi….and during the ongoing operation was allowed to escape to Dubai this the reason both are not interested in bringing back to Karachi

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