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Nisar takes Ishratul Ibad into confidence on Imran Farooq murder case

  • Interior minister says information of probe into MQM leader’s murder shared with UK on govt and PM’s orders
  • Denies Pakistan is planning to hand over suspected murderers to Britain, says there’s no extradition treaty with Britain on exchange of criminals

KARACHI: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan spoke to Sindh Governor Dr. Ishratul Ibad over the phone today and shared details regarding the Imran Farooq murder case with him.

Sources at the Governor House said the two spoke about the law and order situation in the province. Nisar also discussed his meeting with the British High Commissioner Philip Barton earlier this week, and matters pertaining to the money laundering investigation conducted by Scotland Yard of Muttahid Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain also came under discussion.

Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan held a press conference on Wednesday to clear what he said was “misinformation” regarding the investigation into Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Imran Farooq’s murder case.

Nisar asserted there has been “no secret cooperation with Britain regarding Imran Farooq murder case”, adding that he as the Pakistani interior minister could not brief the British envoy over an ongoing investigation and that doing so would be an affront to his position and to the country’s dignity. “It is not my job to brief any foreign ambassador,” he said.

Nisar stated that his meeting with British High Commissioner Philip Barton at a time when MQM Chairman Altaf Hussain was being interviewed by London police pertaining to a money-laundering investigation was “purely coincidental”. He said that the meeting was pre-scheduled, just like any other routine meeting with the British high commissioner.

He said the Imran Farooq murder probe has international implications and is a sensitive matter hence, all information that has been shared with Britain was according to the decision of the government and the prime minister.

Nisar also laid emphasis upon the role of Pakistani security agencies for the success in reaching Imran Farooq’s killers.”Scotland Yard might be very efficient but for God’s sake, respect your own security institutions for leading Scotland Yard’s way in this case,” he said.

“The arrest of the central suspect in Imran Farooq murder case in a major accomplishment,” he said.

Nisar also said, “Since 2010 the world is questioning Pakistan’s judicial and investigative process, claiming that Pakistan is not serious in prosecuting killers” but that “we have been trying to take this case to its logical conclusion to the best of our abilities”.

He maintained that the decision to start an investigation in this case was taken by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif because Imran Farooq was an important personality and it was decided to cooperate with Britain in this case “within the limits of our laws and constitution”.

“Both countries are cooperating with each other because of the international agreements they are signatories to,” he said.


Nisar denied the notion that Pakistan is planning to hand over suspects in Imran Farooq case to Britain because “there is no extradition treaty with Britain on exchange of criminals”.

“I made it clear to the high commissioner that if we have to extend additional cooperation in this case, it will not be one-sided,” he said, adding that if Britain wants Pakistan to hand over certain people, it will also have to hand over persons that Pakistan requires.

He maintained that Imran Farooq’s murder case is not “political” but involves “a very grave crime”.

He further said that he will brief the nation within 10 days to update on progress in this case.

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