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It’s a girl’s world!

  • Girls outshine boys in Middle Standard, Centralized Class V Exams

Maintaining the previous spirit, girls outshined the boys in the Centralized Annual Examination Class-V as well as Middle Standard (Scholarships) Examination by securing more over all top positions.

According to the result announced by the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) Monday, in the Middle Standard Examinations, Rabiya Shahzadi of Islamabad Model School for Girls (IMCG), G-9/3 and Maryam Fatima of Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG), Islamabad clinched first position with 663 marks.

While Atiqa Rubab from IMCG, G-9/3 and Zabeeh Ullah of Islamabad Model College for Boys (IMCB), G-9/4 shared second position with 656 marks and Alia Waqas of IMCG, G-9/3 got third position with 655 marks.

Among the best institutions on the basis of number of scholarships, Ali Trust College, Khanna Dak stood first, IMCG, G-9/3 second and IMCG, F-6/2 and IMCG, F-7/4 got third position.

In the Centralized Annual Examination of Class V, Aqsa Nafees of Muslim Hands School of Excellence clinched first prize with 572 marks while the second position was shared by Rabbia Jamil of IMCG, F-10/2 and Laiba Ayub of Suffah Model School with 570 marks. While Arisha Kanwal of Muslim Hands School of Excellence obtained third position with 569 marks.

Among the best institutions on the basis of scholarships, IMCB, G-10/4 stood first, ICG, f-6/2 second and IMCB, F-8/4 got third position.

On the basis of GPA, Islamabad Model School for Girls, Humak got first position, IMCG, F-6/2 second and Islamabad College for Girls (ICG), F-6/2 third.

Spokesman FDE, Tahir Bhatti said the students have shown good performance this year and the result percentage is also up to the mark. He said the directorate is taking initiatives to improve facilities and academic standard in all the schools and colleges.

Rauf to present notification before it on the constitution of ATC Islamabad No 2.


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