PIMS’s trash is a primary school’s pandemic | Pakistan Today

PIMS’s trash is a primary school’s pandemic

PIMS hospital waste is being duped in front of a primary school, and the burn centre, every day, and putting children at risk for numerous diseases, however, hospital management and CDA have been unwilling to fix the problem.

The authorities are embroiled in the row of shifting the responsibility of dumping this waste to each other.

This school has been built in PIMS hospital premises to provide education facilities to the children of PIMS employees but it has now turned into death knell for the children of the school in the wake of dumping of hospital wastage by PIMS administration in front of building of this school. This waste is being thrown there on daily basis rather than destroying it on scientific basis.

The threat is looming large for eruption of fatal epidemics like AIDS, typhoid, hepatitis and others in the event of non initiation of effective steps for lifting this waste outside the school building and the innocent children will be their easy targets.

This hospital waste  bomb  is one among the diverse  manifestations of terrorism for our children and it is ticking now speedily and when it explodes, its effects will not be less disastrous than Peshawar Garrison school suicide attack, said a father of a children studying in this school.


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  15. BridgetWelton said:

    What a shame for PIMS hospital staff! It's all because of laziness and stupidity of people, which only can see their life instead of seeing other lives.

    Regards, Bridget.

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