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No B-Class facilities in jail for supermodel Ayyan Ali

The Adiala jail authorities have refused to provide B-class (VIP) facilities to supermodel Ayyan Ali.

In a written reply submitted to the Customs judge Chaudhry Mumtaz Hussain on Tuesday, a jail official said that as the supermodel has been on judicial remand, she is not entitled to B-class facilities.

Ayyan’s father Raja Hafeez, who was also present on the occasion, claimed that jail authorities were not allowing him to meet his daughter.

“I visited the jail thrice but was not allowed to meet my daughter,” he said. He said that he had filed an application to the Custom court and got a written order from the judge directing the jail authorities to arrange a meeting between him and his daughter. But the authorities said that she was not willing to meet him making lame excuses.

He said his daughter was innocent and trapped. “It was not her money nor she knew she was carrying such a huge amount,” he claimed.

Ayyan’s lawyer Sardar Ishaq had filed an application in the court, requesting it to provide VIP facilities to his client. He contended that his client was a celebrity and supermodel therefore she should be given VIP facilities.

The court had sought replies from jail authorities and Customs officials till March 24.

When contacted, Ishaq refused to comment on the issue, saying he wouldn’t comment unless the court releases her on bail.

On the other hand, a jail warden, requesting not to be named, said that applying for B-class facilities is just a formality as Ayyan has already been enjoying VVIP facilities.

“She has been given a phone and she is living in a well-furnished room,” he said.

The official said that visitors who come to jail to meet her are also properly facilitated and allowed to meet her in the conference room or SSP office.

Besides, two women prisoners are also given to serve her. “She drinks bottled water, eats burgers and wears new dresses. She has all facilities but just cannot go out of the jail,” he said.

The court adjourned the case till March 26. The super model will also appear before the court on March on 28 to get bail.

Meanwhile, the Sindh government has sent a written request to the federal government seeking to move supermodel Ayyan to Karachi Central Jail from Adiala jail.

After communicating with the federal government, preparations are being made in the women’s barracks of Karachi Central Jail for the supermodel’s arrival.

It is expected that Ayyan will arrive in Karachi in the coming few days.

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  1. Nonchalant said:

    She is not supermodel but super criminal. Shame on her.

  2. Asif said:

    The actual criminals or culprits will perhaps be never revealed and punished.

  3. Margareta said:

    Just a message to young people: NEVER do anything for a crook, no matter what his social position is, no matter how much ''he loves you'', no matter if he's your uncle or your dad. A crook is a crook and he will use you and abandon you when you're the one who ends up in a bad place. If you hang around with dishonest people you too will become dishonest.

    Now, all that being said, why oh why would someone need 2 servants in jail?!? That, of course, is reported by a ''jail warden, requesting not to be named''. It really is a circus. Much more entertaining that American ''reality TV''.

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