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PM launches Civil Aviation Policy; directs expansion of Lahore Airport

Sharif says separate terminal will be built at Lahore airport for domestic passengers

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday launched the Civil Aviation Policy 2015, saying said that the government is undertaking measures for multi-dimensional development of the country.

Addressing the ceremony, Prime Minister Sharif said the civil aviation industry plays an important role in economic growth but the sector remained neglected in the past and the present policy has come after 15 years.

The prime minister said this is one of the finest policies of civil aviation incorporating good features of modern policies. He described it as liberal, forward looking and progressive policy taking care of many problems, including those facing PIA.

He said PIA has to become a modern airlines and he has given directions to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to provide it necessary finances and resources for the purpose. He, however, said PIA should make a distinction between bad and good people if it has to move forward.

Sharif said Pakistan needs new airports and modern facilities at the existing ones. He said Karachi airport is presently meeting our requirements but there is need for expansion of Lahore airport. He pointed out that Lahore airport becomes congested if three flights land simultaneously. With this in view, he has given directions for its expansion on both sides. The airport will have a separate terminal for domestic passengers.

The prime minister said the present government inherited numerous challenges, including reviving the economy. Economic indicators are getting better and he was giving more attention to resolve the energy crisis, he added.

Sharif said he never gave any deadline for addressing the issue but in view of projects being undertaken by the government the menace of load shedding would be over by the end of its tenure.

He referred to 3,600 MW to be produced through LNG, 1,000 MW from Neelum Jhelum to be completed by the end of next year, Guddu 500 MW and another 1400 MW from Tarbela-4 and said the current shortages would be taken care of by the end of 2017.

The prime minister asked investors to start building their factories and there would be no energy problem by the time these factories are completed.

He said the government was also trying to fix the law and order problem in Karachi, which is business hub of the nation. He said it is his objective to make Karachi a crime free city and necessary resources are being provided for the purpose.

Addressing the ceremony, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar assured investors that the new policy would revolve around the principle of taxing the revenue and not the capital investment. He said this philosophy would be reflected in the coming budget.

The finance minister said the aviation policy is robust, investment friendly and shows road map for development of civil aviation in the country.

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