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Punjab Education Department runs Rs 300m into the ground

Audit report for 2014-15 reveals irregularities of billions of rupees

An audit report pertaining to the government of Punjab for the year of 2014-15 has revealed financial irregularities running into billion of rupees. The financial topsy-turvy has occurred in the accounts of the education department, particularly because of lower income taxes or due to non-deduction of the same.

The audit was denied access to the records after the Punjab Examination Commission (PAC) Lahore failed to produce any records with respect to the expenses incurred by the department. The Government College of Elementary Teachers H-9 Islamabad did not produce records for verification with regards to millions of rupees spent by it during the period 2007-13.

The audit report disclosed that the administration of Government Central Model School Lower Mall Lahore made investments of Rs. 30 million without inviting tenders and consultation and/or the permission of the Finance Department.

Schools education department made purchases of Rs. 15 million without producing any advertisement on the PPRA website.

Punjab Education System (PES) was disbanded and merged into Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) but the latter failed to collect any unutilised amount, and the funds of PES were not transferred to PEC.

The audit report pointed out that a loss of millions of rupees was caused to the national kitty through less or non-deduction of income tax or advance tax by the education department. Neither advance tax was collected nor was it deposited during the purchase of equipment. This anomaly came to light during the course of audit of accounts of Punjab Examination Commission Lahore and GovernmentCollege for Elementary Teachers Pasrur. During the payment of project allowance million of rupees were paid unduly and thus were embezzled.

Cadet College Pasrur made unnecessary payments of Rs. 20 million to the Gujranwala Power Electric Company for acquiring temporary connection.

Audit said that the fragile fiscal control and lack of vigilance led to the occurrence of these widespread malpractices and embezzlement.