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Pakistan hits ‘gold’, PM looks to break ‘begging bowl’

  • More than 500m tonnes of shipment-grade iron ore discovered in Chiniot-Rajoa along with copper and gold deposits
  • PM greets nation on discovery of high quality metal deposits, says it will bring prosperity, new employment opportunities in region

Addressing a briefing in Chiniot, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Wednesday greeted the nation on the Punjab government’s discovery of multi-billion dollars worth of gold, iron and copper ores at Rajoa, around three kilometres south of Chiniot.

Through the technical services of Chinese, German, Swiss and Canadian mining experts, the Punjab government secured 500 million tonnes of shipment grade iron ore in Chiniot-Rajoa while initial results of the scientific geological studies have also shown substantial copper reserves.

Attended by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid, Provincial Minister for Minerals Sher Ali, parliamentarians, representatives of Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) and German consultants, a detailed briefing by Punjab Mineral Company Chairman Dr Samar Mubarakmand was organised.

Dr Mubarakmand said that copper deposits were discovered along with gold and suggested that the area of research be expanded and divided among different companies for excavation and production.

It was suggested that there should be more focus on excavating copper as it has a much higher value in the international market as copper fetches 5,000 dollars a tonne against 100 dollars a tonne for iron.

The prime minister was informed that with the MCC’s assistance, a feasibility study had been completed in around nine months, whereas it was to be completed in 18 months. He was informed that studies were being conducted currently in 28 square kilometres of area, and initial findings showed that there was high probability of presence of good quality deposits in around 2,000 sq kms, particularly in south and south eastern parts of Chiniot city.

The premier was shown through graphs and 3D models the details of the deposits and informed that there was also probability of finding copper and gold deposits in the area.

The prime minister was informed that the quality of iron ore deposits was similar to the ones in Brazil, Russia and India, and had been estimated in thousands of tonnes. Samples had been tested from top laboratories of Canada and Switzerland, which confirmed the high quality of deposits, the briefing added.


On the joyous occasion, the prime minister said that the discovery of high quality metal ores will not only bring prosperity in the country but also create new employment opportunities. He expressed hope that it would go a long way in bringing prosperity to the country.

During the briefing, PM Sharif showed keen interest and asked a number of questions about the type and quality of the deposits. He said he was personally there to share the joy of the moment and to share it with the entire nation.

The premier lauded the expertise and hard work of the Pakistani metallurgical experts and scientists. He also lauded the German consultant firm GEOS for supervising the work.

“It is Allah’s blessings that under the lush green fields, rich deposits of copper, iron and gold have been found, which will help the country to get rid of the ‘begging bowl’ for good.” He said Pakistan was rich in natural resources and deposits of copper, gold, coal were available in other provinces as well, which would also be explored.

He said the raw material available in the area was also attractive for investment and invited foreign and local investors to come and set up steel industry in Chiniot. He hoped that it would provide jobs to around 100,000 people and bring about economic prosperity in the area. Necessary infrastructure would be built well in advance in Chiniot for provision of better facilities, he added.

Sharif said that ruling Pakistan was not a “bed of roses”; it was a big challenge, and his government was bracing all the issues with courage, zeal, dedication and commitment to bring about a positive change in the country. He said it was time that the entire government machinery works with sincerity to serve the masses.

He said major challenges for him were security, bringing peace to the country and ending shortage of electricity and natural gas. He said had the government have enough funds, it would have worked on projects to provide 10,000 MW of electricity without any delay. However, lack of funds was hampering government’s efforts. He added there was a need to have transparency at all levels of governance.

Sharif said that talks with Iran for the acquisition of natural gas had reached advanced stage while negotiations were also underway on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project.

The past governments, he regretted, caused unnecessary delay in discovering the mineral deposits. He however praised the present government of Punjab, headed by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for expediting the work.

The prime minister said he wished to address a huge gathering of Chiniot residents, but the plan was curtailed owing to security reasons.

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  1. Mahmood said:

    This all is gonna go to the multi national corps…… This corrupt govt will do nothing for Pakistan

  2. Javaid Bashir said:

    It is not a news , we have known for decades that Pakistan is rich with mineral resources, But the problem lies with the governments, they did not make policies to expolre and extract these minerals. Anyway it is great news that the minerals like Copper, Gold and other ores have been found with the efforts of local and foreign experts. It will take sometime before we realize the gains and benefits from this new found treasure trove.

    The present government has set new records of bad governance in recent times. I do not think the progress or prosperity will fall in our lap, unless we apply ourselves in the right direction, There are many hurdles yet to be crossed before breaking the ," Begging Bowl", presently held in the hands of F. M Ishaque Dr an accountant by profession and finance minister by Sharif's choice. A close relative of the Prime Minister. the government is run by the cronies and loyalists of Sharif family. matter has not been considered in making high level appointments. I do not want to sound pessimistic at this discovery. I wish the best to the entire nation on this jubilant moment.

  3. shazia said:

    thats very good . hopefully it will be used honestly for the progress of country INSHAALLAH

    • AJAZ chaudhry said:

      alham dulilah.

      it is allah blessings.
      do hard work and win the world.
      keep patience.
      love neighbours.

  4. Hindu Indian said:

    Greetings from India !

    I hope that Pak govt. uses these mines for the betterment of Pakistan and NOT sold them to MNCs like it happens in India and elsewhere in the world.

    If used properly, It can get rid of national debt of Pak and give a solid push to the development of Infrastructure in Pakistan. The Mining blets in India however are occupied by the Naxals.

    CIA Funded NGOs + MNCs + Local support of politicans = complete Loot of your country

    Be careful neighbours, oppose tooth and nail the selling of these mines to International companies !

  5. ABDUR R LODHI said:

    I do not believe that people of Chiniot will get any benefit from this discovery. Wealth will not distributed evenly among the people of Pakistan. Many countries around the world are full of natural resources but they are most poor in the world.
    Punjab and the whole Pakistan has got benefit from TARBELA DAM, but go and see the people who were displaced from their land, they live miserably in Khalabat Township. Tarbella is providing electricity to the whole country but people of Khalabat Township get electricity on hourly basis.There is not a single medical college, no university, no technical college and no employment opportunities for the displaced people. Royalty from Tarbella Dam is going either in the pocket of Ministers or spent elsewhere in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinnce. Is anyone ready to leave the place of their forefathers, their graves and the land where they grew? We gave sacrifices but we are the most neglected in the Province. Our fertile land is under the water and no one care about us. I also remind our brothers in NWFP to resists Kalabagh Dam unless you are properly compensated not with money but future planning for your coming generations.
    So people of Chiniot do not overjoy and do not get excited. This discovery will not change their lives.

  6. Asghar said:

    Prime minister sb cholistan ka sehra b tail k zakhair say mal a mal hai kuch is k baray b socho

  7. shahid said:

    Please publish a detail Geological report and make it public.
    To my knowledge the iron ore found in area is below 120m and thus economically not feasiable ti dig a mining pit.As per economics of a mine is concerned any ore beyond the depth of 80m is not feasiable.
    Am i right in my knowledge?All the expert geologists are are invited to apprise the common man.

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