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It’s not just animals who kill their offspring

  • Man charges wife with adultery, kills six-year-old daughter while another murders kicks infant to death during brawl with estranged wife

A man Jameel killed his six-year-old daughter Monday after accusing his wife of adultery in Palli Toap Khana area, located in Sialkot Cantt Police Station precincts.

After torturing his wife for suspected extramarital affair, Jameel beat his daughter Tasmia to death, suspecting the little girl to be his wife’s lovechild.

The police have arrested the man and registered a case against him.

In another incident, Bhavana’s Noor Akbar killed his 6-month-old son Usman Ali during a heated brawl with his wife.

Akbar had gone to his angry wife’s paternal house to woo her back. However, a brawl ensued after he failed in persuading her. Infuriated, he “kicked” the child laying nearby and killed.

The police have registered a case.

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