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Afghanistan to solve its problems through politics not arms

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has said that the people of Afghanistan from now on will solve their political problems through political means instead of using arms.
“The Afghanistan nation in united voice wants peace, stability and prosperity,” said Ghani in his address after the swearing –in ceremony of new senators in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan has greatly suffered over the past nearly four decades of war and wants reforms in government departments and the government is responsible before the nation, said Ghani.
“The government of Afghanistan is a united government and has three independent forces which are working in unity and harmony,” the president said and called upon the senators to “safeguard” the “honour” conferred upon them.
Ghani said that despite all problems, Afghanistan also has opportunities “as the heart of Asia”, adding that peace and prosperity of Asia was not possible without stability in Afghanistan.
“We should pledge not to allow anyone to destabilise Afghanistan,” said Ghani, urging every Afghan to safeguard the country.

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