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Set up JC by 18th or Khan is back to dharnas

  • PTI chief claims at least 30,000 bogus votes were casted in NA-122 constituency

Addressing a press conference at his house in Bani Gala, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Tuesday set January 18 deadline for the government to establish the judicial commission to probe 2013’s alleged elections rigging, failing which they would come out on the road once again to protest against the government.

The PTI chief claimed that at least 30,000 bogus votes were casted in NA-122 constituency whereas in the constituency of PTI Secretary General Jahangir Tareen, as many as 49,000 bogus votes were casted in the elections. He reiterated his claim that he has the proofs of printing of fake ballot papers.

Supporting the amendment in Army Act 1952, Khan said that they “agreed to go against democracy for at least two years for the sake of the country”. He also said that they never became a hurdle in the government’s struggle to end terrorism because it is a big issue that concerns the future of Pakistan. However, strong democracy is also important for the country, he added.

Khan said that the kind of judicial commission the government wanted to set up was weak and of no use in the matter regarding probing the rigging. Later, they found out that the government is actually not serious regarding establishing the judicial commission, he said, arguing that had the government been serious, nobody would have any problem with the establishment of judicial commission.

NA-122 had an investigation issue where the NA speaker hid behind the stay orders of the court. He said the counter files in the NA-122 neither have signatures nor stamps.

“Form 14 is not there in at least 100 polling stations whereas Form 14 and 15 are need of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP),” he said, adding that colour ballot papers have been found out which were printed at the last moment while returning officers (ROs) of the Polling Station 97 gave two different results.

Khan alleged that the government is staging a drama just to escape the investigation of the fake ballot papers and bogus votes.

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