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Daring man stops driver-less 22-wheeler truck on Lhr-Isb Motorway

Video of a heroic act by a man named Athar Ali went viral online on Sunday, with #ProudOfAtharAli trend ranking among the top three trends in Pakistan on microblogging site Twitter.

The video, made by Ali’s sons, shows the middle-aged man stopping a driver-less 22-wheeler truck on Motorway. The truck, whose brakes had failed, ran down the Motorway, ramming into median strips along its way.

[Eng Subs] – Brave Man Stops 22 Wheeler Truck by SohailAnwer

Ali’s family had been observing the situation from their car for a few minutes when he decided to get out of his vehicle and stop the truck which could have caused a horrific accident.

Ali ran behind the truck, got into the driving seat and took it under control after a 2-km distance.

With the video making rounds online, Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif also lauded Athar Ali’s brave act.

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  1. zainab bakhsh said:

    who we dont have awesome people in our country…they are the reason we are still in a great shape as a country. i solute to u.

  2. Joseph said:

    He is the real hero. Kudos! He just applied his potential of being an experienced driver.
    My dad runs a vehicle hire company, and he helps people in moving and relocation. When I was in the college, I never had deep interest in studies, because I had passion for driving and going for long adventurous drive. One day, I expressed my desire of becoming a trucker in front of my parents, without any hesitation. They cooperated and allowed me to join the company as a truck driver, so that it helps gaining experience.

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