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PEF management has its share of corruption too!

  • Insiders allege PEF MD has constituted ‘hand-picked’ enquiry committee to investigate wrongdoings of delinquents
  • PEF new chairman vows to show door to corrupt employees

The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has allegedly become a hub of corruption and mismanagement due to the “lackluster” attitude of the top management, Pakistan Today has learnt.
The Chief Minister’s Inspection Team (CMIT) recently conducted an enquiry, after receiving a complaint regarding “corruption, nepotism and mismanagement” in the PEF.
The CMIT’s report, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today, reads that the PEF suffering from an overall “laxity” of administrative discipline, while recommending termination of DMD HR Amir Iftikhar and Finance Director Nadeem Masud for their “established wrongdoings”.
The report also highlights the “lackluster” attitude of the PEF MD in doling out favors to the “blue-eyed” employees while throwing others out simply on her “whims”.
The CM, in the report, recommended proper enquiry into the wrongdoings of the said officials and action against them under anti-corruption and PEEDA rules.
However, no such thing has come to surface so far, clearly showing that those at the helm of affairs are acting to protect favored individuals who have been clearly found involved in corruption.
Insiders allege that the PEF MD has constituted a “hand-picked” enquiry committee to investigate wrongdoings of delinquents. This is a step, as per sources, to protect her favored individuals accused of corruption who protect her wrongdoings as well.
“It is striking to note that while the PEF MD had acted to terminate with one stroke the services of four individuals against whom no wrongdoing was alleged, she is taking unlimited time to constitute enquiry committees against individuals whose termination has been recommended by the CMIT and CM’s office after a proper investigation. Multiple months have passed with no progress made by the enquiry committees constituted by the PEF MD in this regard,” sources on good authority said.
The PEF is a statutory body established under the Punjab Education Act, 2004 to promote quality education through Public-Private Partnership. Presently, the PEF is dependent on the grants doled out by the Punjab government. Last year, the PEF budget was Rs 9.5 billion. Additionally, the DFID is also committed to give approximately 70 million pounds during next five years for improvement of literacy and increase enrollment in the province.
Sources further alleged that the PEF MD has been appointed in violation of applicable rules. “The law requires that applications for the post of the PEF MD are to be invited through newspaper advertisements before appointment and the candidate should have extensive relevant experience. However, no advertisement came in any newspaper and she has no experience as well. A writ petition against her incumbency is also pending in the Lahore High Court,” sources further added.
The PEF recently called a meeting of its board of governors and a new chairman, Qamar Islam Raja, assumed office.
“If the orders of the highest provincial executive are to be thrown in the backseat just like that, imagine the way such organisation must be running,” an official in the PEF, on the condition of anonymity said.
Talking to Pakistan Today, Raja said he had assumed office only a few days ago and can only comment on the issue after going through the relevant document.
“I will ensure strict adherence to rules and regulations and anyone not showing compliance will be shown the door,” he added.
PEF MD Anila Samuel was not available for comments despite repeated attempts.

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  1. @PEFPUNJAB said:

    As spokesman of the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), I would term this story as beyond facts and published with ulterior motives to defame and malign PEF which is otherwise efficiently serving the cause of gratis education since 1991 and is integral part of CM’s education roadmap.
    The said news-item has tried to tarnish the good image of the organization which has won the confidence and trust of the government as well as the international donors because of its consummate working, financial transparency and cost effectiveness. The allegation of any “hand-picked” inquiry committee is totally wrong and impish. The fact is that the Chief Minister ordered for a departmental inquiry on the report of Chief Minister’s Inspection Team (CMIT) which has already been completed and its findings have been presented to the PEF Board of Directors and is waiting BOD’s final decision.
    Three different types of audits are regularly held every year. It is satisfying to point out that PEF has well-designed, control structures that guide in financial and internal control related policies and procedures. It also has a multiple third party audit system for ensuring complete transparency; PEF audit systems ensure transparent and efficient regulatory framework.
    The PEF has been mandated to educate 2.2 million most deserving out of school/ dropout children in Punjab up to 2019 with financial support from the Department for International Development (DFID) which clearly manifests the complete trust and confidence of the international donors on PEF.
    The reporter is also needed to know the correct name and spellings of the MD-PEF before filing such one-sided material to satiate the personal vendetta of somebody else.

  2. @qudratulla said:

    i have found MD PEF Dr. Aneela Salman as very upright, hard-working, honest and a very patriotic Pakistani who has a loving passion for the poor kids' wellbeing through education. People like her are very rare breed in a country like Pakistan. She is doing a wonderful job of promoting free education at the grassroots in Punjab. She has in fact transformed PEF into very robust and proactive organization with her leadership. Therefore, I believe that this report is not based on facts and is rather based on flimsy charges with no proof. Hope PT would avoid such yellow journalism in future.

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