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Our young generation

The young students feel like a burden on the state because of a lack of facilities for proper education for each and every individual. We don’t have a one school system for all. We have seminaries, A & O Levels, government school and so called private schools that provide education at such a high cost that majority of our youngsters can only dream about getting admission in such institutions. The students in government schools are always looked down upon by the children in costly private schools.

It is a competitive world and expertise in speaking, reading and writing in English has become a necessity. With government schools lacking this facility, most of the students run from pillar to post for further education as well as any job but it appears everywhere the merit is English.

There are armed conflicts between groups of students because of easy reach to sophisticated weapons.

The young generation of Pakistan, despite facing a multitude of problems like unemployment, poverty, social taboos, drugs, guns, undue restrictions, sectarianism and politics, has been at the forefront of most movements and political changes. From Pakistan Movement to Independence of Pakistan to Lawyers’ Movement, the youth has never let the nation down. It is unfortunate that the youth, despite their contributions to national developments, find themselves trapped in a culture marked by guns, violence and drugs. All this has resulted in an unstable economy, a shattered confidence of foreign investors, lawlessness, and a break-up of the social fabric.

I request the relevant authorities, politicians and other government agencies to help solve the problems of our young generation.