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Junaid Jamshed strikes the wrong chord

  • Singer-turned-preacher booked in blasphemy case even as he apologises for ‘mistake’
  • Sunni Tehreek says blasphemy unforgivable sin, punishable by death
  • Tableeghi Jamaat’s Maulana Tariq Jameel distances himself from JJ

An FIR [First Information Report] has been lodged against singer-turned-preacher Junaid Jamshed in a Karachi police station on charges of blasphemy.

According to details, the District South Courts in Karachi ordered the Risala Police Station to register an FIR on the complaint of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) Rabita Committee member Mubeen Qadri. The FIR No. 234/2014 has been filed under Sections 295-C and 298-A of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

PST media coordinator Muhammad Faheem Qadri told Pakistan Today that according to “Shariah”, blasphemy was an “unforgiveable sin, punishable by death”.

“Former singer Junaid Jamshed has blasphemed against the Prophet (PBUH) and Umhat-ul-Momineen (mothers of the faithful). The government should arrest and punish him for the crime,” Faheem said, adding that the police was yet to move against the famous TV personality.

“It has been observed in the past as well that the government’s inaction gives rise to extremism. We have lodged an FIR against the blasphemer and now the government should initiate action so that no one else should dare take such a step again,” he said.

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked a debate on the application and handling of the blasphemy law by various religious schools across the country.

Only hours after the PST announced protests against the allegedly blasphemous comments about Hazrat Ayesha (RA) passed by Jamshed in a TV program, Tableeghi Jamaat senior cleric Maulana Tariq Jamil issued a video in which he distanced himself and his Jamaat from Jamshed’s act.

“To err is human and he [Jamshed] might have done it in ignorance and lack of knowledge. However, these are not the beliefs of either me or the Tableeghi Jamaat and no one should associate them with us,” Jameel said in the video footage.

PST’s Faheem however insisted that Jamshed is the media coordinator of the Tableeghi Jamaat and has been preaching their ideology for all these years.

However, Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) Chairman Maulana Tahir Ashrafi said Jamshed has no connection with any religious organisation, including the Tableeghi Jamaat.

“I am in no place to issue a Fatwa (edict) against the accused, who has no doubt committed a mistake, for which he should apologise to the entire Ummah which is deeply hurt because of his remarks,” he said, adding that only a Mufti could pardon the accused.

However, there were huge protests against Jamshed even on Tuesday in various parts of the country despite the apology issued by him in a video message on the social media.

“I have committed a mistake out of ignorance. Anyone who disrespects the companions or Umhat-ul-Momineen is banished from the faith and I tender an apology to the entire Ummah for hurting their sentiments,” Jamshed, who was seemingly in tears said in his video message.

Following Jamshed’s apology, Jamia Binoria’s Mufti Naeem recorded his comments on the social media in a video message late Wednesday saying, “Everyone knows that he (Junaid Jamshed) is a man devoid of knowledge as he joined this line (preaching) after abandoning his music career. It is good however, that he abandoned that line (music). He committed a mistake and we, along with other ulema (scholars/clerics), brought the matter to light.”

“However, now he has repented and has apologised after joining his hands in front of the entire Ummah. Thus, no one should use this case to spread fitna (pugnacity) in Karachi and in our country. Anyone who uses this fitna to create a rift between sects is clearly showing that person’s jealousy against Junaid Jamshed. These times are full of fitna and we should stay clear of it,” he said while quoting a Quranic verse stating, “Verily, Allah loves those who repent”.

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  1. Muhammad Ali said:

    This person committed blasphemy by will and he should be hanged till death as per the Constitution.

    • tayaba said:

      Oh realy ok than’hang him if u seriously have knowledge that he did this intentionaly or it’was just mistake.. he is guilty and that’s enough he has left his career for Allah and’Islam til today he has done alot for islam can’t u count his gud deeds instead of counting a mistake. I think we should correct our ownselvs first..

      • Syed Kamal said:

        What about Shaista Lodhi when she was asking for the forgiveness and no one was ready to forgive her. We all know, she is not belonging to a tablleghi jamaat and her knowledge on religion was very limited. By the way, please let me know what JJ has done for the Islam, Pakistan or Muslim Ummah. He has done only for himself and selling a Rs. 1000 item in Rs.4000 and making "NAJAIZ MUNAFFAH" from innocent customers. I do not count him a C class singer or a naat khwan. He is just an actor and taking full advantage of the mentality of illiterate class of Pakistanis by having a beard on his face and in fact doing the evil acts by looting the Nation.

        • Azhar said:

          Each Pakistani is such a good "Critic"… each individual is so obsessed with his on ideology that rational thinking and tolerance has totally disappeared from the society. Yes , you may criticize anybody but look into your own self first. Hate generated by sectarian thought has brought us to this point that no one finds any problem in his own mindset rather tries to accuse everybody else!

    • Ammar Ahmed said:

      Mohammad Ali: Please quote the hadith and ayah where this verdict is written and said that this crime cannot be forgiven!

    • Muhammad Faizan Khan said:

      Were you present inside JJ when he did this?….. I think most of the Pakistanis now wait for such cases to come up where we can show our extreme inhuman behavior as well as show oourselves as BEST preachers of Islam. I really feel sad when people like Muhammad Ali and others come up with such remarks (almost decision) even when they don't have even 0.01% knowledge of the religion.

    • fsl said:

      Yes, in a society that believes in human values. Here religious values super-seed everything else. Not sure why we feel so insecure.

    • Doesntmatter said:

      Yeah, and what about the rest of the alleged blasphemers? Did someone give THEM a chance at forgiveness? Why ever not? JJ's a crazy misogynist. But he was simply narrating an event from the Prophet's life. Last I heard, both The Prophet and Hazrat Ayesha RA were human beings , and this is how human beings talk.
      Pakistan has a ridiculous blasphemy law.And ridiculous people who will take up a sword to supposedly defend their Prophet's honor but 8/10 won't do anything to improve life for their country-men. The Prophet's alleged honor is simply a Cause for them, since they don't have any other real convictions to be passionate about.

      • Basharat iqbal said:

        Its complicated here for two reasons.
        1. It is between two sects. People are using it as a fitna as mentioned in last para.
        2. Everyone knows JJ background. He felt regret and apologized.

        For me its complicated. We need to keep the ummah together or each sect will make their own empire. The consequences are not pleasant anyways.

        • Raja said:

          its not complicated… rather you making it.
          If you want to give immunity to JJ, then give immunity to everyone being crushed under the same act .
          if not, then JJ should be locked up among others…simple

    • Muhammad Faizan Khan said:

      Agreed. And we should have the sense to judge between the people asking forgiveness just apparently and the ones asking forgiveness truthfuly.

  2. Shair said:

    Fine … I speak ill of your mother… and then I'll apologize.

  3. Muhammad Ali said:

    Junaid Jamshed cannot escape from his utter blasphemous remarks.

    • Ammar said:

      Neither will you Mohammad Ali .- For promoting fitna against a muslim and sect!

    • commonsense said:

      Muhammad Ali… a plonker by character and by mischief. No doubt you have never committed a sin, or missed your namaz, or said oof to your parents or gazed incorrectly at women. Tell me, just which part of a mistake and forgiveness don’t you get? If you still don’t, then I what if I prayed that you reap the reward of all your sins and mistakes, and that all your sins hidden by Allah are revealed to your close ones? Get a life you plonker, may you be guided or have your sins in the open with no forgiveness accepted. Let’s see how you handle that.

  4. Faisal said:

    Nobody bothered objecting to his statement when he talked about controlling women. This time he decided to add a reference to prove his point and it went against him. Its time JJ needs to get taste of his own medicine.

  5. Raja said:

    Guys run a bigger campaign to first free those serving jails due to false blasphemous cases before asking JJ's forgiveness.

    • tabish said:

      When a non-muslim does this, he/she does intentionally, and muslim not intentionally!
      a huge difference..

      • Raja said:

        all I can laugh on your reply…
        Here we are talking about the Rule of Law without any obligation of color, race or faith.
        Islam is a universal religion not just for extremist mullah brain sub set of people. If any Muslim has like JJ a knowledgeable and well known person has conducted such act he must be hanged.

  6. zubi said:

    why don't these people get shaista, Mir Ibrahim Rahman, and other said blasphemy. they run away to Dubai, but no one care about them. these people are full of shit. they didn't even accept and didn't even apologize. Junaid at least Apologize to the public, but these people still go against him shame on you .

  7. TrueMuslim said:

    Junaid Jamshed just told the real truth about Ayesha from hadeed of "Sahee Bukhari" Jild one" "Kitaab Muzalim" Chapter 1550" Hadees# 2293" We love you Junaid jamshed.

  8. Saleem said:

    we should bycott JJ shops until sale 80% on all items ,all items means all items.

    • commonsense said:

      Saleem… you seem a cheapskate… more interested on a bargain rather than understand the stupidity of your comment

    • United said:

      Brother forgiveness is from victim, Allah can forgive his right but right of people are up to them. if such disco preachers and preaching is allowed Islam will cease to exist,

  9. Summer said:

    This is just another round in the inter sect leg pulling we muslims/ Pakistanis do to weaken our stability and economy( oh nooo did I say Muslim pakistani I meant shia sunni deobandi brailvi ahl sunnat punjabi patahan baluchi sindhi take ur pick :)The blasphemy laws are a good excuse to take out grudges bw enemies and to make laughingstocks of ourselves around the world.

  10. Zubair ahmed said:

    well then he should be hanged and then start to dig youtube you can find Aamir liaqat abusing Abu bakr ra and aisha ra then hang him also and then start search literature where you see insult of Aisha ra hang the writer , publisher and reader as well , then its ok , Bralvi pagan using his matter for uper hand on Deobandis but they even didnt listen their own ulema insulting sahaba Dr Tahir al qadri insults Abu baker ra ………..

  11. Unanimous said:

    I am very much against of this law and its handling. Everyone should take it neutrally that even in shariat it is clearly written that in such matters cases must be dealt with clear verdicts and visions. The accusers and accused must be presented with concrete proof. Secondly for every sin there is a way of "Toba" and forgiveness. Over
    But in other hand when a minor person, means if someone from minority commits such thing, he or she never got a chance to seek for forgiveness and readily became the victims of outrageous mobs and savages. I will add one more thing that as per law no non-muslim came under blasphemy act, only Muslims can be brought under trial for such acts. So now the messages from so called Ulmas are not as per justice. They always readily write off non muslims and small statue persons. But now when one of them is caught under circumstance they are asking for forgiveness and reciting the supporting verses from Qura'an Majeed. What the hell is this double standard phenomena. If suppose blasphemy act is right then it applies on JJ more because he is so called Alim and demonstrate and represent a specific school of thought regularly!!!!

  12. Naveed Gull said:

    non sense Pakistan… then y don’t u hang all the shias who always speak against not only Aaishia r.a. but against Umar r.a. and Abu Bakar r.a.

  13. Muslim said:

    Tum log kaun hote ho kisi ko kaafir ya momin qarar dene waley, apne gareybanon main jhanko and phir dusron ko kaho…

  14. ghulam Nabi said:

    People siding with admitted and proven blasphemy are more ignorant as that Mr JJ. Yes Allah can forgive sins committed against him or in carrying out his teachings however if sin is again his people than only they can forgive. More importantly sin against Prophet SAWW, his family, or Sahaba is greater sin which lead to becoming non-muslim. There is more clarification and explanation needed in blasphemy law but its misuse does not mean that after doing gustakhi one should be forgiven after s(he) ask for it. As JJ himself admitted he done blasphemy so first he should Rajoo to deen again. Secondly, do not make it sectarian issue as Tariq Jameel sab has rightly disowned him considering severity of mater. Even secular people should take this mater as his derogatory views on women itself.

  15. sayar lone said:

    he did not comment that intensionly . when he came to know that has committed a huge sin he did taubah and sought forgiveness from ummah . may be allah has forgiven his sin .so by posting against him and making it a sectarian issue we are harming our own hereafter. but to keep mum . and make duas for whole ummah

  16. sayar lone said:

    he did not comment that intensionly . when he came to know that has committed a huge sin he did taubah and sought forgiveness from ummah . may be allah has forgiven his sin .so by posting against him and making it a sectarian issue we are harming our own hereafter. better to keep mum . and make duas for betterment ofwhole ummah

  17. Alhamdulillah said:

    JJ bhai haven't done it intentionally.
    I Know people from other sect who deliberately use to say bad things about the ummahat ul momineen without any shame.
    1st bring them to justice. At least they don't have any face here to say even a single word.
    There wedding are even incomplete if they don't say those bad words.
    They gather in a room to say those bad words which add to their wedding happiness.

    • Sheila Ahmed said:

      I wonder if picking up of this remark posthumously from an old video from Junaid Jamshed's speech archives alongwith his tax evasion accusation doesn't have to do with his supporting the PTI/ IK recently!!! Moreover , JJ has apologized and his apology is different from others because neither in all his speeches / bayaans before this particular speech / bayaan nor eversince he has ever made any such remarks or shown such disrespect in any way.In Islam we say every action has to be judged according to the intention behind it ..if it was his intention he would have done it before or after this statement .Hence , there is a difference in the apology by him and a person holding his track record and any other Muslim or Non-Muslim who just gets up and says such a thing unless he /she proves by his past record and future commitment /promise that he/she has no malice against Islam or the Holy Prophet (PBUH) staying in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan .

      We should not have any qualms in accepting his clarification that he made the mistake inadvertently . Actually the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in this particular Hadees had stated a psychological fact about women that they are to be dealt with , with love and not harshly as for example a curved rib can't be straightened by force …and if one tries to then it would break …so is a woman delicate and fragile and should be dealt with care and love. When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) made this statement He (PBUH) had said that for all woman including His wives(R.A) otherwise He (PBUH) would have made an exemption. But it was only the right of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) to say anything about His wives (R.A) and no one ..no ordinary Muslim can dare do that as indeed JJ tried to do . Muslims know through authentic sources that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had also mentioned that some of his azwaajeMutahiraat (R.A) used to get jealous of His(PBUH)'s staying more than usual at one of His(PBUH)'s Zauj (R.A) 's place due to a honey he used to like eating at her place. So that means the Holy Prophet(PBUH) in both these ahadith hinted at the human nature of women including His (PBUH)'s wives (R.A) but no one other than the Holy prophet(PBUH) could say such a thing about the Azwaaj e Mutahiraat (PBUH).
      Lastly , there is a difference between a law being wrong and its wrong application. There are trillions of laws in the World which are correct if applied in letter and spirit but due to their wrong application they are being abused. Its high time the abuse , if at all, of such a law in Pakistan should be taken notice of as the cases of many poor Christians recently shows and steps be taken to see to it that this law is no more abused and misused and applied correctly but as in the case of any other law there remains room for abuse and misuse which should not be taken as an argument/ justification calling for its repeal.

  18. ATIF said:

    A-O-A to all Muslims
    Khney say phly socha tak nhi "JJ" bagh jao khain koi Gazi illm-udeen a gea tu kuch b nhi buchay ga tumhara.

  19. shami said:

    they dont respect our beloved prophet (S.A.W.S) and prophet generation also they say bad words about oli Allah so it is normal thing for them…..

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