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Minister renews pledge to scale up education quality

State Minister for Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education Engineer Balighur Rehman Saturday said provinces should work together to build up education quality and inclusiveness.

Speaking at the Human Resource Development Network (HRD)’s congress at Pak-China Friendship Centre, the state minister said that the provinces are spending more than 25 percent of their total budget on education which is commendable.

He said that two years ago government were spending about Rs 40 billion on education which was increased now to 60 billion and more, whereas about Rs 7 billion spending on lap-top scheme and other educational developments.

Baligh said that incumbent government would leave no stone unturned in achieving the desired goals of education quality. He said education is the only way to get people out of vicious circle of poverty and the present government is committed to fulfil the Education for All (EFA) goals and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of education.

The 2025 Vision of the government speaks extensively about education and the government is determined to increase spending on education keeping in view its limited resources.

“E-9 countries more than half the world population of the world have many success stories and we must replicate these in our country,” he maintained.

It requires strengthening efforts to expand education and to significantly improve its quality. But this alone does not suffice all provinces have to work together to scale up youth and adult learning opportunities and to develop literate environments, he concluded.