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Metro Bus Project’s two-third work completed

The two-third construction work on multi-billion mass transit Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Project has been completed since the launch of the project in March this year.

Work on this mega Project, aims to cater the transport problem in the twin cities, is going on a smooth pace, an official of the project claimed.

He said the residents of the twin cities have high hopes from the project that it would help solve their traveling problems along the main road of Rawalpindi and other routes. He said that as many as three companies are carrying out construction work of Metro project at their respective sites adding that speed of the construction work was satisfactory.

Responding to a question, he said the project would be completed by the end of this year as per target that would benefit thousands of commuters. The official informed that all companies have almost completed the process of erecting pillars on the 8.6-kilometer elevated track from Flashman Chowk Saddar upto Faizabad.

He said that after approval by the Planning Commission the work on Metro Bus Depot Project being constructed on 15 acres land in H-9 sector of the Capital near Peshawar Mor was also going on at a fast pace.

The depot would accommodate more than 64 buses besides housing a restaurant, diesel filling station, service station and workshops. He said the go-ahead approval from the Planning Commission had put the depot project on a swift track.

A total of 64 buses would ply on the metro bus route, while over 50 buses would be parked in the depot at night time, the official added.

While facing hardships due to the construction work on main Murree Road, the residents have also termed it a temporary inconvenience that would turn into a blessing on completion.

The project starting from near Flashman Hotel on Mall Road and as per plan follows the existing Murree Road upto Faizabad, will turn left into the Federal territory and follow I.J.P. Road upto 9th Avenue.

Then, it will turn right and follow the 9th Avenue in Islamabad.

Thereafter, it will turn right on Jinnah Avenue upto the end of Blue Area.

From Blue Area a connection to Secretariat stop will be provided through the open space behind parade ground. It will cross the Constitution Avenue and another couple of main roads through underpasses.

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