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PMDC tilts gender equality balance in boys’ favour

• PMDC’s decision to fix 50 pc seats in medical and dental colleges for females to flout merit as usually 70 pc of all seats are secured by females
• AIMC principal welcomes decision, says girls do not work in far-flung areas after securing education
• Students suggest govt takes surety from all medical college students to work after education, instead of adopting quota system

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has introduced a quota system in medical colleges restricting the seats for female students to 50 per cent, Pakistan Today has learnt, a decision which will ensure gender ‘equality’ but will discriminate against female students as more than 60 per cent of those securing admissions in medical colleges since 2008 are females.
Considering the “growing trend of females” in medical education but “decreasing sustainability” of females in the field, the council decided in a meeting in February that the “number of seats for males and females in medical education should be 50 per cent each”.
Interestingly, the decision taken in February was notified on September 18, stating that the new quota system would be applied on undergraduate admissions in all public and private medical and dental institutions for the Academic Year 2014-2015.
The notification comes at a time when the admission process in the medical colleges is ongoing across the country. Punjab held a medical college entry test (MCAT) in August and prospective students have now submitted their applications whereas the first merit list will be displayed on October 30. As per PMDC’s regulations, admissions in medical and dental colleges should be wrapped up by November 15.
The PMDC’s decision is being seen by many students, their parents and academicians as discriminatory against women.
“Such a discriminatory policy is not in force anywhere in the world. Why should females not be allowed to study when they are intelligent and are able to get admitted to medical colleges on merit?” said a senior official while talking to Pakistan Today.
Warning that the move will have social, political, emotional and professional repercussions, he said, “The female students and their parents are very emotional about their admissions because it is a social reality that a degree in medicine ensures a better life for girls”
He expressed fear that some prospective female students might even commit suicide if the PMDC’s decision affects their prospects of securing admission in a medical college. He further added that since 2008, around 67 percent female students have been securing admissions.
A student said that girls cannot serve in the villages due to social problems but the quota system is not the solution.
“Since the government spends so much money on the students’ education, it can make students sign a pact that they will serve for five years after completing their education,” she suggested.
However, there are takers of the quota as well.
A student said that research by the PMDC in the last eight years shows that every year approximately 70 per cent of the seats in medical colleges are secured by girls.
“But only 25 per cent girls go on to do jobs whereas the rest do MBBS just for the pride associated with it and to secure good matrimonial prospects,” he said.
Saba Khan, another student said that the girls are not willing to work in far-flung areas.
“It is not about female rights, it is about our system collapsing as no female is interested in going to work in far-flung rural areas,” she added.
Welcoming the decision, Allama Iqbal Medical College Principal Professor Mehmood Shaukat said, “Girls do not serve in far-flung areas after acquiring education. Public resource is being spent on educating a human resource which does not return well on the investment.”
“Even Britain has taken a similar decision. Besides, men are bread winners in our society whereas females can only contribute additionally,” he opined.
It is pertinent to mention here that a senior official confided in Pakistan Today that PMDC does not have a president.
“An acting body took this decision which was signed by the acting registrar,” the official said, adding that no one is paying any heed to the affairs of the council.
Talking to Pakistan Today, State Minister Saira Afzal Tarrar said she could not comment on the development.
“I am unaware of any such notification by the PMDC. My secretary told me that there was something ongoing with the council. I will visit the ministry today (Saturday) and only then will I be able to comment on it,” she said.

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  1. Shumailaa said:

    Absolutely right decision. Here in EDO health, we experienced highest turnover of female doctors and staff. Females can't serve masses in Pakistan, this is a reality.

  2. Khadija Khan said:

    But what about those who want to serve sir? They don't have any right to deprive anyone of a right. Why don't they impose checks on boys who leave Pakistan to serve other countries?

      • m abid said:

        its not equality. boy with 82% will b admitted n girl with 86% will b deprived. is it equality???

    • guest said:

      khadija with due respect to girls, 90% of girls sit at home after doing mbbs, only a handful ever do jobs as doctors. so u see, there is a shortage of doctors in the country so its pertinent to ensure this quota for boys. as u say those boys who leave pakistan to serve other countries, that is bcuz only boys are becoming doctors, there are no girls who leave pakistan because as i said above almost all of them dont do jobs after doing mbbs, so u dont see them leaving pakistan.

  3. Akhtar A.Quddus said:

    A long awaited decision. should have been taken much earlier, but it is never too late. Healthcare delivery suffered a lot because of this. Congrats. I recommend that colleges reserved for females should also take 50% boys.

  4. Sajidha said:

    If PMDC thinks it 'll b gud then go for that bt not ths years.This time it's too late.Students have submitted their priorities, they have made their mind according to their aggregate.This is totally unfair 4 girls.motivate boys to do hardwork………..simply.make strict professional policies……….not to discriminate merit

  5. hassan said:

    this decision should be implemented from next year, the merit qualifying female students never be ignored and they should be given seats in public medical colleges.
    if 87.92 % securing female loses her seat while 83% securing male student achieves the seat by the grace of this 50/50 policy……
    would you like to say it JUSTICE,,, NEVER NEVER AND NEVER.
    Represent the parents , am also father of a female student, and nobody knows how much costly is to educate a female rather than male…..
    we dont accept this formula…..
    it should not be implemented…. Abul Hassan Gillani (03007324285)

    • M.Hafeez-ul-Haq said:

      I agree with you Sir,such biased and unfair policies should should never be implemented, especially when all the Merit forming criterias have been fulfilled I.e. Matriculation examination + F.Sc examination + Provincial Entry Test ,like UHS entry test, every thing is done & only Merit list is due on 30 Oct. (M.Hafeez-ul-Haq, 03008511014)

    • dana said:

      dont tallk about justice when you dont know the situation.87% or 83% girls have their fare share they should compete for that.dana

      • Muhammad Nasir said:

        when some medical colleges are solely for females then this policy is fair

    • guest said:

      it shud be implemented but from next year. this is unfair to do this unannounced. no girls were aware of this. but this 50% policy is the right step.

  6. honey said:

    zabrdast decision ha yar… infact UHS ko chahiya k fatima jinnah medical college ma bhi ya policy implement krwa da… bcz ab women medical college ki zarurat nhi ha wo open merit pr hi kafi seats la jati han…agr asa nhi karna to KE ko men college bna do … ya to INJUSTICE hua na k koi bhi medical college ONLY FOR BOYS nhi ha…

  7. Roshi said:

    If the boys want seats, why don't they study for it? And why not increase the number of government medical colleges instead of giving girls a hard time and boys a good one?
    This is true gender discrimination,

  8. Santal Chaudhary said:

    this ordinance come against females when there is minister for education female and it is universal truth always women against women in different shape and responsibility and it is another mismanagment and bad governance of PMLN this is the reason only in a one year people are fedup by this stupid nonsense thinkless gullu but govt and gulu decision

    • dana said:

      do not blame everything on PMLN ,it is very good and practical decision. It should have been done a lot sooner. dana

  9. ali omer said:

    if this decision apply through this year then what is the expecting merit for boys???? any guesses???

  10. Nouman said:

    Yeh isi Saal se apply hoga????
    Matlub ab Jo admission abhi hoga wo Isi formula k mutabik hoga?????

  11. kubra said:

    this is totally unfair ,infact most of the graduates from smc, dmc and kmdc who are mostly boys go abroad and dont even think to serve their country as they appear for usmle in fourth year so how on earth they can even prefer considering these household shadi like issues over merit this is a total injustice the world is running after merit and they are moving back for qota in stone age……..we should file a case against them and there has to be a stay for this decision…

    • dana said:

      do not talk silly the boys go abroad and earn foreign exchange for our country.Can girls do that?

    • khadim hussain Malik said:

      yes kubra you are absolutely right. Govt should not implement this unjust, geneder discriminate decision. Govt should change professional polocies about job both for male and female doctors. Male doctors should not be allowed to go abroad for jobs as well and serve in the country.
      K. Hussain. Malik

  12. Ali Hassan said:

    this decision should be implemented from next year, the merit qualifying female students never be ignored and they should be given seats in public medical colleges.
    if 87.92 % securing female loses her seat while 83% securing male student achieves the seat by the grace of this 50/50 policy……
    would you like to say it JUSTICE….
    we don't accept this formula….. plz change your decision……..its not a time to implement this formula bcs most of the students submitted there admission forms…….

    • fatima said:

      sir,i am also the effected i have decided to go in court against this decision on monday29th september.if you want so tell me

  13. Alia farooq said:

    Is this going to be implemented this year? cox I've heard that UHS refused to implement this rule for year 2014-2015..
    And Is this not just pitiable that a girl does not get admission even when secured much higher than a boy who gets admission just because she is a Girl?

  14. Idrees said:

    By advocating this decision, I understand we boys have admitted that we can not compete with girls. Please get out of this kind of quota advocacy and try to prove yourself in a fair manner.

  15. Idrees said:

    What kind of male Doctors we will be opting for who would have secured 83% marks and a female who had secured 87% was not granted admission. PMDC must wake up and the solution could be to give a balanced and attractive service structure at all places, so that female doctors can also serve there.
    To me also if anyone challenges this, Courts will grant relief in less than a hearing time.

  16. mubashar said:

    It is totally unfair. If this decision will be implemented we will be go to court against this injustice

    • Tahir Mustafa said:

      Dear Mubashir you are really at right. This is a crime we may say. I have the same feelings as you have? This is a conspiracy against the poor families, particularly of rural areas that are struggling and working hard to compete this mafia.

    • Usman Malik said:

      tum log tub court kyn nhn jati , jb tm jesi girls govt ki seats waste krti hn, prive 1 seat pe 40 lac k expences hn , aur girls 67% tk seats waste karti ho, us ka hissab kn dy ga , jo girls realy service karti hn , wo 50-50% walay kottay ko bhi chalange kar k bhi ja sakti hy

  17. akram said:

    this decision of quota system is not fair… admission should be given on open merit as stated in the prospectus,,,,,

  18. Asif said:

    Ask boys to work hard rather then giving easy road. Already, many restrictions are slapped on girls by this hypocrite society.For God,s sake stop being unjust to them.

  19. Fatima said:

    If the boys want seats, why don't they study for it? It seems that some influential people in government have boy who cannot compete in open merit.

    • ahsan said:

      hahahahha….plz dnt be stupid …..if they are influential they can just send their children toprivate sector like shifa and fauji foundation medical colg

    • Usman Malik said:

      aur tmhari jesi compete kr k jo hrr saal seats waste karti hn , us ka kia , private 1 seats pe 40 lac tak k expenses hn , aur govt girls pe itna paisa kharch krti hy , aur 67 % girls seats waste krti hn, is this fair?????????? boys se ziyada tu tum darr rhi ho, merit se .. syco case………………….

      • Atif said:

        You are absolutely right , Usman….
        This decision should be implemented from this year.

    • guest said:

      lol im not being rude here, but 95% of the girls dont apply for jobs after doing mbbs, they sit at home and get married or something. isnt this unfair to use all the resources the college provides u and then waste it. what use is the merit if u dont become future doctors. the whole point of medical colleges is to produce doctors. i dont get this thinking, on one side u r wasting the merit and on another u r saying the 50% quota is injustice. lol u have brought this upon yourselves whether u accept it or not, if girls became doctors(nott 1 out of 200 like it is today) pmdc wud have no reason to make this decision. this is not discrimination, this is a neccessity.

  20. Naheed said:

    This decision has been taken by adhoc committee.It should be taken back. It will effect the life of many and leave no option for them this year.

  21. ahsan said:

    absolutely right…..girls are just wasting seats…..and all boys serve after getting education……thumbs up…..great decision sir……

  22. Usman Malik said:

    agr 50-50% injustice hy, tu kia ye justice hy k girls service nhn karti , 67% girls service nhn karti, family ka burden male uthaty hn, not more female than male , matlab govt. ki seats waste kr k aima khan ban jana justice hy kia , wo girls jo service karti hn, wo 50-50 walay kottay se admission le sakti hn, i think , k pmdc ko ye decison bohat pehlay le lena chahiya tha, pmdc walon ka demag kharab nhn hy, jo un logon ne ye decison lia hy, govt. girls ki seats pe kitnaa kharcha karti hy hrr saal , per 67% girls service na kar k kitna loss krti hn govt ka … shame on them…………………………..

    • Alia farooq said:

      Ye admissions se pehly decide krna unfair hai k kon serve krey ga or kon nhi.. agar govt ko apne expenses ki parwaa hai to wo degree alott krny k baad un girls or boys per fines impose kr day jo serve nhi krtey or seats waste kerty hain.. bajaye is k unfair way se boys ko priority d jaye or qaabil girls ki seats km kr d jayen

      • sara said:

        A very nice, productive and efficient solution. Brought tears to my eyes.

      • guest said:

        so this is just like saying i go into a shop, get 200 rs worth of goods but dont pay for it. unless the shopkeeper catches me and forces me too give him the money, i wont give him the money. are girls kindergardeners dont they know the importance of mbbs. why shud they be forced to work, if they are qaabil why nt use their talents. trust me sis, if a ban has to be imposed, it has to be abt 1 laks or something to work, i agree that cud work. but the girls have brought it onto themselves, this had to happen sooner or later.

  23. Ghulam Qadir said:

    Girls just want doctor written on their wedding card but can not serve in rural areas,,,,, so good decision by PMDC

  24. Atif said:

    This is a fair decision at last ……….
    Should be implemented from this year's admissions.

  25. hafsa said:

    boys are not intelligent they can't compete with hardworking and intelligent girls they beg for policies instead of competing with girls

    • guest said:

      lol in engineering how many girls are present in comparison to boys??? u knw the answer. so in engineering are the boys more intelligent than girls. NO, they are the same! the reason is majority of boys apply in engineering thats why more of them make it to engineering universities. the same is with girls in medical colleges. more girls are present so more make it to these medical colleges. in my uncles time this 50% quota was present and my uncle had merit of 82, he barely made it to the merit in duh. at that time a lot of boys were in medical. after the 50% quota has finished the boys have decreased. u get my point sis nt many boys are attracted towards medical now, so less make it to medical colleges, so plzz dont make stupid claims that boys arent intelligent.

  26. محمد عبدلہادی said:

    If girls choose medical line for the sake of good marriage proposals then i suggest them to consult with a "Rishtay wali aunty" !! so,please do not spoil this noble profession for the sake of good marriage proposals !! If you cant serve people then give chance to others !!

  27. owais said:

    somebody plzz tell me about its implementation!!
    kia ye isi saal sy ho ga????????

    • Alia farooq said:

      Exactly.. First of all clear this point ..Is it going to be implemented this year?

  28. Alia farooq said:

    Ye admissions se pehly decide krna unfair hai k kon serve krey ga or kon nhi.. agar govt ko apne expenses ki parwaa hai to wo degree alott krny k baad un girls or boys per fines impose kr day jo serve nhi krtey or seats waste kerty hain.. bajaye is k unfair way se boys ko priority d jaye or qaabil girls ki seats km kr d jayen

  29. ahmed said:

    some medical colleges are only for females ,this is not justice

  30. noor fatima said:

    next year se impliment hona chahiye hai…
    hum ny admission hi ni liya kahin….pehly btaty na…its unfair

  31. M.Shahid Rana said:

    A.A dear 50.50 formula. its going to impliment this year admissions 2014……
    but it is challaged ln the court ….lets see…..still nothing final right now…..

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