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Top anti-terror cop survives bombing in Karachi, two others killed

SSP Farooq Awan was going home when a remotely-detonated bomb weighing 80kgs exploded

At least two people were killed and eight others, including two women and police personnel, were injured when a remotely-detonated bomb rigged in a parked vehicle targeted the convoy of senior anti-terror police officer Farooq Awan in Karachi’s Defence area on Thursday night. Awan, a senior superintendent of police, escaped the attack with minor injuries.

According to details, the attack targeted SSP Farooq Awan’s bomb-proof vehicle near Gizri graveyard roundabout when he was going home from work. The blast was heard in various areas of the city.

Counter-Terrorism In-charge Raja Umer Khitab told reporters that the attack was similar to the one on slain SP Chaudhry Aslam and over 80 kilogrammes of explosives were used.

Police sources said that the impact of the blast had completely damaged a police mobile escorting Awan’s Toyota Prado, while the policeman’s vehicle was partially damaged.

Awan and the other injured people were rushed to a private hospital where doctors said that there was no serious threat to their lives.

SSP Awan is a highly decorated police officer who has served a good part of his 31-year career in anti-terrorism. Highlights in his career include investigating cases such as the Daniel Pearl murder case, and the attack on Iranian engineers.

He has served as DSP Anti-Terror Wing of the Crime Investigation Department, as an SSP with the Anti-Violent Crime Cell, Investigation East, Crime Branch and Special Investigation Unit of the Crime Investigation Agency.

Awan, who started his police career as an ASI in 1982, made a name for himself in combating crime between 1998 and 2007, when he arrested those involved in kidnapping, and terror related activities. In recognition of Awan’s performance, the government of Sindh, intended to grant him accelerated promotion.

The Sindh government promoted him and a few other officers under Section 9A of the Civil Service Act 1973. His promotion among a host of other officers came under review when the court took up a case of out of turn promotions. As per court orders, Awan and other officers were demoted to Grade 19.

After the court’s orders on July 10, 2013, he was promoted again.

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