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PCB, Pepsi bring 2015 Cricket World Cup Trophy to Pakistan

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 trophy, as part of its global tour, visited Pakistan on Tuesday.

Addressing the unveiling ceremony, PepsiCo Pakistan Vice President Jahanzeb Khan stated that Pepsi took great pride and honour in being associated with the Pakistan Cricket team, a group of fine athletes that personify the excellence that the game of cricket stands for.

“PepsiCo Pakistan has been closely linked with the game of cricket and the Pakistan Cricket team for over 20 years, and our partnership is time-tested. I think it is fair to say that the brand Pepsi is now synonymous with cricket,” he said.

The current trophy was created for the 1999 champion, Australia, and was the first permanent prize in the tournament’s history. Prior to this, different trophies were made for each ICC Cricket World Cup.

The trophy was designed and produced in London by a team of craftsmen from Garrard & Co over a period of two months. It is made from silver and gilt, and features a golden globe held up by three silver columns. The columns, shaped as stumps and bails, represent the three fundamental aspects of cricket: batting, bowling and fielding, while the globe represents a cricket ball. The trophy stands 60cm high and weighs approximately 11kg. The names of the previous winners are engraved on the base of the trophy, with space for a total of twenty inscriptions.

The trophy has so far visited Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland and Afghanistan. The trophy will also visit South Africa, Zimbabwe, Jamaica and Barbados.

For the 2015 World Cup, Pakistan has been placed in Group B along with archrival India, South Africa, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Pakistan will play its opening match against India at the Adelaide Oval in South Australia on 15th February, 2015, before taking on the West Indies at Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 22.

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