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ICCI calls for early solution of political standoff

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Wednesday called for early solution of the ongoing political impasses as it is badly hurting the business activities and businessmen are suffering huge losses.

ICCI President Shaban Khalid said that the prevailing political crisis is taking a heavy toll on the overall economy of the country, however, the business community of the federal capital in particular is badly suffering, said a press release.

The ICCI president said the business activities in Blue Area, Aabpara Market and many other business centres in the capital are affected badly by these protests. He added that the industrial and production activities have also suffered while daily wage workers are also affected and stressed that both sides should make serious efforts to resolve this crisis through dialogue to save the country from its further damaging consequences.

He said due to the current protests and sit-ins, many cargo loaded containers are standing at Karachi ports and the supply chain to upcountry has been disturbed due to which many cities are facing shortage of supplies.

He warned that if supply chain was not restored to normal condition, businessmen would suffer huge losses and citizens would face shortage of goods. He called upon all the political leaders to put their heads together and find out an amicable solution of this crisis as any further delay in its resolution would have strategic implications for the country.

Khalid said that political stability is the essential requirement for growth of business activities and economic development of the country as no investor would come to invest in Pakistan in uncertain political environment. He called upon the political leadership of the country to keep the national interest of the country always supreme and avoid any moves that may prove harmful for the country.

He said Pakistan has lot of potential to become a strong economy and stable environment is the basic ingredient to put the country on the road to progress and prosperity. He was hopeful that both sides would take concrete measures to solve this issue without further delay to save the country from its negative implications.

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