Mystery phone call to Khan led to PTI marching orders: report | Pakistan Today

Mystery phone call to Khan led to PTI marching orders: report

An anchorperson of a private news channel, has claimed that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s decision to march toward Prime Minister’s House had shocked even the top PTI leadership as a breakthrough had been made in the talks with the government.

The TV journalist claimed that a senior PTI leader had told him that members of the PTI Core Committee including Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Jehangir Tareen and Asad Umar had briefed Khan about the progress in talks in which the government had agreed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would proceed on a month’s leave to pave the way for a fair probe into alleged election rigging.

The TV anchor claimed that the PTI members told their chairman that the government had in return demanded that Khan should make public the deal to his supporters from atop the luxury container but at that very moment the PTI chairman received a call on his phone and within a spur of a moment the cricketer-politician announced to his supporters that they would march toward PM’s House, stunning even his close aides.

As soon as he made the announcement, a visibly upset PTI President Javed Hashmi had an exchange of words with Khan ostensibly over his sudden decision to march toward PM House, after which he stepped down from the container.

The journalist’s claim can be substantiated from the TV footage of Khan’s address in which he apologised to Hashmi saying, “I could not keep my promise to you.”

Khan also changed his earlier stance by announcing that this time the men amongst PTI protesters would march forward while the women and children should follow or go home, all the while reiterating that the protesters would remain peaceful.

No PTI leader was available to confirm the TV journalist’s claim regarding the unilateral decision of Khan.

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  1. PTI said:

    Sounds like this reporter is from geo. Pro nawaz. Truth be told corrupt gov. needs to go, nawaz again and again failed to lead the country. Filling up their pockets takes over any other priority.

  2. azher said:

    “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” lets hope the blood of martyrs has not been spilled in vain.

  3. Adnan said:

    Lafafa journalism at its peak. These journalists are making a killing!

  4. Angler said:

    IK has gone insane and his verbal diaria about Hundi, civil disobedience, etc are proof if any is needed. We thought he is relatively more honest than rest, but his insanity and immaturity are too serious defects to be ignored for a man aiming to be our PM

  5. Fahim A Kidwai said:

    he never changed his stance on women and children, even at the last call to move he was instructing women to stay where they are.
    If you had mentioned the reporter one could have easily guessed how much of the claim can be true

  6. Abbas said:

    stop this nonsense and fraud now. Imran khan has proven beyond any doubt that he is a true leader fighting for his people

  7. anwaar bugvi said:

    'Lifafa' journalism is in full swing. Some reporters and channels has lost balance.Some journalists speak more,think less and read nothing!

  8. Aik_Paki said:

    If this news is true – then PML-N should announce the deal and also announce that NS is willing to go on a 1-month leave. I am sure IK will call off the protest after that. However, it seems to be a lafafa journalism.

  9. Seemin said:

    Yes mubashir luqman is a black spot on jornalism ary played a horrible role to aggrivate this situation

    • javaid said:

      Mubashar Luqman has made all filthy commentary to ignite the situation and he is the main cause for the dirty reaction of Police against all media reporters

  10. Seemin said:

    Hum tou eik hi pakistan jaantey hein Islami jemhuriya e pakistan qaid e azem rehmetullah ka pakistan humarey walden ka pakistan. Naya pakistan tou terrorist ka pakistan hi ho sektta hey or jo un key rewayey sey nazer bhi a reha hey

  11. chimgaadarr said:

    … another White Lie … by the PMLN White Liars club …

  12. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    While Islamabad burns the PM is relaxing in his PALACE in Raiwind. I pity the poor Interior Minister who is caught in this maelstrom. Loyality has its limits.!The PM should either lead or leave—period.

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