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Qadri’s followers can do ‘anything for revolution’

  • Several marchers in PAT’s sit-in say they are ready to sacrifice their lives on the call of their leader



With an estimated 25,000 Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) workers, including women and children “determined to act upon the orders of their leader, irrespective of consequences”, the “Inqilab March” seems to be approaching its final showdown as PAT chief Tahirul Qadri’s 48-hour ultimatum to the government to step down or face his revolution expires in the evening.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Aslam Kharal, a participant of the sit-in since August 14, said that he was happy that final hour of their sit-in was nearing.

“I have been waiting for this time for the last many years. I joined PAT in 1989 and have always found the Qibla (Tahirul Qadri) truthful. I am sitting here because I have full faith in his teachings,” he said.

Kulsoom Begum, 65, who has been participating in the sit-in along with 13 members of her family from Jhang, said that every member of her family will obey Qadri’s orders.

“Although I am an old lady and do not have many years left but I want to sacrifice my remaining life for Qibla’s orders to stage the revolution,” she said.

“When the saint of the time is willing to take gun shots straight into his chest for the sake of revolution, why should I back away from it,” the elderly lady exclaimed.

Allah Rakha, a 17-year-old boy performing duty at a checkpost set up by PAT at Constitution Avenue, told Pakistan Today that he was ready to fight till his last breath for the sake of revolution.

“I only need the orders of Qibla and I will not care who comes in front of me… Whether police or army, I do not care,” he said passionately.

“All I have is this stick and I think it will be enough to clear any hurdle in my way. You know why? Because I have blessings of Qibla,” he expressed, pointing towards Qadri’s container.

Another marcher, Nazia Batool, a student of Mass Communication in Punjab University, told Pakistan Today that she was at the sit-in because of her family’s long association with Qadri.

“I have sacrificed my studies for the sake of better future of millions of my fellow female students of Pakistan. It does not matter even if I have to sacrifice my life for this cause.

“We have spent 12 days under very hostile weather and living conditions. We do not have enough food and water but I believe our ordeal is over now because tomorrow will be the day of revolution,” she cried with joy, as women around her responded with slogans of “Jivey Jivey Tahir Jivey (long live Tahirul Qadri)”.

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  1. Danial Ahmed said:

    Awesome..this is called a real revolution! May God help them.

  2. amaniviqar said:

    The Federal Government, the Pakistan Army and the Supreme Court should show some patience and wisdom to the call of the persons sitting in Islamabad for a REAL CHANGE for over 13 days in harsh weather.
    All the stake holders knows that there is no real democracy and no real goverance or no real government realizing needs of the poor masses – The stakeholders at the helm of power – must show complete restraint/ patience while taking any offensive action against these innocent persons. Rather they must find ways to open the door of Pakistan for a real change for which the poor masses really waited for over 65 years from now on.

  3. Abdul Qudus said:

    I do not know what to call this ? Anarchy , Revolution, or Madness ? Perhaps all together. So many Pakistanis have suffered for so long & I do not see an end in sight. There is no silver bullet. We lost 50% of Pakistan in 1971, but the heat of that fire was not felt in West Pakistan. Now this fire started raging in the heart of Punjab in June when Punjabi Police fired on their own. Too bad PML-N has has not shown any wisdom from the day one when they got into the power.

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