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‘People’s mandate was stolen in 2013 elections’

Former Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) additional secretary Muhammad Afzal Khan has alleged that the general elections in May 2013 were rigged and that the people’s mandate was ‘stolen’.

During an interview with a private television channel, Afzal alleged that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not win the elections in a free and fair manner while former chief justices Iftikhar Chaudhry and Tassadduq Jillani were also involved in rigging the vote. He alleged that Chaudhry had appointed returning officers (ROs) for the election duties.

Afzal further alleged that the Chief Election Commissioner Justice (r) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim had shut his eyes on the rigging.

The former additional secretary said that the ECP had been put under tremendous pressure during the alleged rigging.

Khan said that judges were also involved in fixing the vote and that hearings of voter fraud was deliberately delayed.

“It was a doubt but now it’s clear that there were more than 35 punctures during May 2013 elections,” said former additional secretary of ECP.

Reacting to the interview, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan commended Afzal Khan and said that the former additional secretary’s remarks vindicated his stand.

Khan said that Afzal’s statements showed that the position for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was “indefensible” and reiterated his demand for premier’s resignation.

However, former law minister Rana Sanaullah dismissed Afzal’s remarks saying that people like Afzal were “especially prepared for occasions such as this”.

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  1. Sajid said:

    Good going, more people like Afzal need to come forward now and expose these mafia gangs, who have raped our country for last 50 years.

    And Imran Khan – Zindabaad!!!!!!!!!!

    Pakistan Zindabaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shaheena said:

    It’s prove that imran khan doing right Pakistan zindabad

  3. Javaid Bashir said:

    Afzal Khan is an honorable man, and ue has exposed the member election Commission Justice (R) Riaz Kayani and the R.O's . It proves that Imran Khan was right that the May elections were rigged. More people like Afzal follow the suit and come out. Now Nawaz Sharif has no legal and moral grounds to remain the Prime Minister. PML (N) stole the people's mandate by design . We must hang these culprits. They deserve no leniency.

    They have swindled the entire nation and raped the sacred right of Vote. They should be given examplary punishment . All the members of the ECP must resign now. The P.M should immediately step down. All his supporters must apologize to the nation.

  4. Abdul Hakim said:

    The umpire has raised his finger and Nawaz Sharif "you are out" sooner you go the better for the suffering nation

  5. OUTSPOKEN said:


    • kamyu said:

      Firstly ,Never assess some one's character based on what you hear on the media .And secondly when some one has been shown the right path by the divine then we should reserve our judgmental views and don't compare ones present with his/her past.
      Always look inside yourself as you never know what is the status of other person you are accusing off in the God's eye.
      This is my little advice , Hope this will not offend you .If it does than please accept my apologies.

  6. Mughees Faruqi said:

    I really despise people like Afzal who have no moral courage to stand for truth when it really mattered. It took him almost 1 and a half year to come out with such a horrible truth. This what our nation / people have become. Somebody should also ask Afzal how much money he took to come out to say all this after all. Imran Khan might be vindicated but are we thinking that what moral values we have???

  7. ABDUL said:

    Election was rigged, end off. This guy came out and it takes courage to do that, especially if the whole system is corrupt to the core. If the leader of the 2nd largest party tried in vain for 12 months to get justice and eventually had to come out on the street to get justice, why chance does an ordinary person has.

  8. jamshed kharian-pak said:

    Game Changer in the process of Actuele mouvement of Ir Pakistan's peoples, Election Commission of Pakistan's Muhammad Afzal Khan must be awarded Sitara-e-Jourhat Award of Bravery he Disclosed the Machinations of secular english Bandits Crimes against the peoples of Ir Pakistan

  9. Badil said:

    Corrupt government, corrupt parliament, corrupt Judiciary, corrupt police, corrupt Pakistan. Is this the result of democracy from Nawaz and Zardari and is this what we want?.

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