Diplomatic immunity saves two Pakistanis accused of serious crimes in UK

United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth (UK FCO) office has prepared a list of foreign diplomats, including two Pakistanis associated with the High Commission in London, who were accused of rape and kidnapping, The Independent has reported.

The FCO’s list of “Serious and Significant Offences Involving Diplomats in 2013″ was presented by FCO Minister Mark Simmonds in the British Parliament on Tuesday. The list contains the list of serious offences committed by 14 officials from nine different countries who were not prosecuted owing to their diplomatic immunity.
The list includes two Pakistani diplomats for allegedly committing domestic rape and child abduction.
Simmonds said the FCO had requested respective governments to lift immunity from diplomats accused in five cases of serious crimes last year, in line with provisions under the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.
In the case of Pakistani diplomats, the Pakistani government partially lifted immunity so that one diplomat could be interviewed by the police even though there was no legal obligation to comply with the British request.
Without providing details, Simmonds said two other diplomats, for which immunity was requested to be lifted, had been voluntarily recalled by their countries of origin. A fourth diplomat was asked by the FCO to leave the UK. A fifth case continues.
Apart from the Pakistanis implicated, at least three Zambian diplomats found themselves on the FCOs list for offences ranging from driving under the influence of alcohol, causing bodily harm to sexual assault.
Two Kuwaiti diplomats were included in the list for driving under influence and committing a public order offence. Two Saudi diplomats were included on the list for driving while drunk – an offence which would incur serious punishment in their home country.
However, the unnamed diplomats are protected under the Vienna Convention, meaning they cannot be prosecuted by the host country unless their country of origin waives their immunity.
“The number of alleged serious crimes committed by members of the diplomatic community in the UK is proportionately low,” Simmonds said, adding that “The FCO does not tolerate foreign diplomats breaking the law.”
The minister said that the UK does everything in its power to investigate diplomats accused of serious crimes.

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  1. Abbas Ali said:

    what a shame – first you send criminals to uk under the umbrella of diplomatic immunity ,and than when they commit serious crimes, the cowards are called back so as not to be investigated and charged as per the law of the country.nawaz's govt stinks of harbouring these alleged criminals, their acts are being commended – could only happen in pakistan- a bandit country!

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