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100 profiteers sent to judicial lock up



The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has so far imposed heavy fines amounting to Rs 1.3 million against 900 shopkeepers involved in overcharging and not displaying rate lists of food items besides sending 100 profiteers to judicial lock up during its ongoing crackdown against profiteering in Ramazan.

According to details, Assistant Commissioner (Industrial Area) Nouman Yousaf said on Thursday that crackdown against the profiteering was under way successfully during Ramadan. He said that 22 price control committees headed by the magistrates have intensified daily price checking in the city and rural areas and checked 500 shops.

Quality of food items was being ensured in the markets and sasta bazaars. Samples of food items taken from markets sent the laboratory for analysis and those selling sub-standard food items have been proceeded against under the Pure Food Ordinance.

Rates of food items have been fixed for the month of Ramadan and rate list is being issued to the shopkeepers for strict compliance. Teams imposed fines amounting to Rs 75,000 on Thursday.

The ICT administration would ensure provision of food items at the control rates during Ramazan and no one would be allowed to indulge in over charging and profiteering in any case.

The officials directed the shopkeepers to display the rate list of food items at the shops failing which stern action would be taken against the defaulters.

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