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Garbage is in the air!



Burning heaps of garbage in various sectors particularly I-12 is causing air pollution besides damaging the beauty of capital.

Tons of domestic and hospital waste are daily collected by the CDA’s Directorate of Sanitation and thrown into the site near sector I-12.

A resident of the area, Shahid Rana said that traditional method was being used to dispose of this garbage. He said that setting on fire this garbage was hazardous to health. He said that according to law it was illegal to burn wastage as it was a threat to environment.

CDA Member Environment Mustafeen Kazmi said that authority did not allow burning garbage in open spaces. He claimed that some miscreants were involved in the activity. He said that CDA had made an agreement with a cement factory located at I-12 which to use the waste for its material. He said that remaining garbage was disposed through soil cover, adding that the project of landfill site still under process.

For the past several years, the CDA had been trying to develop a proper landfill site in the outskirts of the city but the project could not be materialised yet.

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