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The strategic art of begging



With advent of Ramazan, beggars have also become quite active in allotment of non-transferable vantage points for each group.

It came to light that a special meeting was held to determine the strategy and allocation of begging slots for all groups in and around various mosques and other “fertile zones”.

As many as 2,100 zones of Rawalpindi and 1,800 of Islamabad had been declared as fertile; with 41 zones declared as golden zones, allocated only to top leadership of beggars.

Other softer zones have been allotted to disabled beggars, followed by female and children beggars at secondary and third positions.

According to sources, five beggars had been allocated Faisla Mosque, while other important mosques have been allotted to other beggars, which include a woman and a disabled beggar.

There are 900 reported beggar women, 310 children and 20 eunuchs.

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