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That’s too much ‘quacking’

  • Pakistan Medical Association says over 40,000 quacks in Lahore alone



The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has vowed to support the Punjab government in an anti-quackery drive against 40,000 quacks running clinics in the city and over 600,000 in the country, said PMA leader Dr Salman Kazmi Sunday.

Responding to a question, he said that Shahdara, Shadbagh, northern Lahore and Shaikhupur are rife in quacks. He stressed the Health Department to start a drive to eradicate quackery. He said the Punjab government had made a Healthcare Commission Act 2010 under which all DCOs and EDOs health were bound to end quackery in their respective districts.

Around 65,000 clinics and hospitals work in Punjab and a large majority is unregistered and it needs collective efforts to eradicated quackery, he added. Punjab has around 53,000 qualified doctors and around 200,000 quacks, he said.

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