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With nukes, sharing is not caring

  • Three-day workshop on challenges and prospects involving nuclear non-proliferation starts in capital



Speakers at a workshop titled “Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Challenges and Prospects” highlighted the importance of nuclear technology by saying that it was inextricably intertwined in people’s lives with improved safety and security measures.

The three-day workshop which started Tuesday was organised by Strategic Vision Institute (SVI).

During the session, the speakers said that the scope of peaceful use of nuclear technology could be widened to serve mankind in a much better way.

The workshop aimed at analysing the current issues in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear technology, non-proliferation, nuclear safety and security for mid-career civil and military officers, young academicians and journalists.

Speaking on the occasion, Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) lecturer Rizwan Sharif elaborated on how nuclear technology could play a significant role in different areas such as electric power generation, agriculture and health sector.

Sharing his remarks, Air Commodore (r) Ghulam Mujadid shed light upon the facts like truth about nuclear technology, nuclear power generation process, nuclear power reactors, prospects of nuclear power generation, pitfalls of nuclear power generation, nuclear power generation especially case of Pakistan.

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Applied Systems Analysis Division Director Ghulam Rasool Athar presented on the topic “Nuclear Power generation and Pakistan’s Energy Crisis” in which he highlighted electricity consumption and economic development, demand of electricity and other plausible options for power generation like solar, wind, geo-thermal, biomass etc.

He also highlighted the nuclear options for power generation. He concluded that there were various options available for electricity generation in the country. Each option has its potential as well as limitations. He further said, all options should be used to meet the increasing demand of electricity but there must be power plants to meet the base-load requirements.

For a sustainable development of electricity system, the base-load must comprise options which are reliable, economic and environmental friendly, he stated.

The workshop would continue till June 26.

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  1. Hassan Ehtisham said:

    As per the reports in 1998, it has been calculated the emission of the greenhouse gas has reduced for nearly half due to the popularity in the use of nuclear power. The other main advantage of using nuclear energy is that it is very powerful and efficient than other alternative energy sources. Unlike traditional sources of energy like solar and wind which require sun or wind to produce electricity, nuclear energy can be produced from nuclear power plants even in the cases of rough weather conditions. Production of nuclear energy needs very less amount of raw material. This means that only about 28 gram of uranium releases as much energy as produced from 100 metric tons of coal.

  2. Ahsan Ali said:

    Pakistan is operating its nuclear program for peaceful purposes and the scope of peaceful use of nuclear technology could be widened to serve mankind in a much better way. Pakistan can acquire electricity shortage as well nuclear development can also assist in economic development. Pakistan can provide cheap electricity to all industries and commercial, agriculture and medical fields are also benefiting from nuclear energy.

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