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Qadri’s arrival: Section 144 imposed in Rawalpindi


Section 144 has been imposed at Rawalpindi’s  Benazir International Airport and its surrounding area ahead of the arrival of  Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, reported a private news channel.

According to details, on the directives of the interior ministry, more than 6000 policemen will be deployed around the airport to stop the PAT workers from going to the airport while those carrying placards and banners arriving at the airport will be denied entry and will be arrested.

Sealing the roads around the airport is also under consideration, add sources.

Police sources said that the measures have been taken because of potential security threats.

On Saturday, the interior ministry banned any kind of public gatherings in Islamabad.

Meanwhile, intelligence reports state that the PAT chief Qadri faces security threats on his arrival to Pakistan and during his planned travel to Lahore by road. 

The authorities have been alerted of the potential threat to Qadri’s life, adds the report.


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  1. SACHAKHAN said:

    quadri – whats he doing in pakistan ? he hides in canada uk .. travels 1st class – lives in luxury -who pays for him and his sons ? why quadri is mouthorgan for inrankhan pti ? why ary abuse prez of pakistan and praise imrankhan ? questions every true pakistani must demand answers from ary imran khan and quadri .. btw- why he has suddenly become prof and dr -what where how ? he is ALLHARAAMS N FAKE

  2. Desi from Lahore said:

    WOW,the lives of people are under threat every day yet no fool proof security for them?

  3. SACHAKHAN said:

    quadri -causing massive problems for aam awaam -he is a traitor.. imrankhan tout – ary news bosses are traitors -real kaafirs gadaars taking $100 millions so far beggars from usa -according to prez obama in response to media questions in press conference -so obama could not lie ..

    • Expert JD/MD said:

      Please learn to write first. Your blabbering does not make sense.

      • Azzy said:

        Makes good sense even if not to your dim brain. His english is of no consequence here.
        And he is right about the traitor Tahirul Jughadri in any case. So keep your Mou$%^th shut. Moron.

  4. azzy said:

    This vil ecriminal TAhirul Jughadri, a traitor of Pakistan and a puppet of enemies of Pakistan is trying to destroy democracy here.
    He should be hanged

  5. mast mastana said:

    Qaudri is total drama he is working on some foreign agenda if he wants change he should come through proper channel through assembly ,he wants to destabilize Pakistan being a citizen of a foreign country during his first attempt in PPP govt he was told by Supreme court who are you ? If he is playing religion why he is not joining Jamat Islami or JUF?

  6. Ahmad said:

    This man is the enemy of progress and democracy along with our dear ISI. ask the ISI who pays this guy all the money they would tell you who are behind this drama.

  7. Expert JD/MD said:

    Is peaceful protest destabilizing democracy? He has every right to protest. The govt. seems to shaken just by his arrival. Why? pml claims that they have a mandate from people. If so, then why are they so scared? Protesting to bring about useful changes in the election laws and making sure that only the people who actually get votes get elected may be a novel idea to some but that is what true democracy is about. It's easier to accuse somebody but unless you can back it up with facts you are only showing your ignorance. As far as "Azzy" is concerned, I knew as soon as I take my **ck out of his mouth, he will start running it again. I guess he needs another lollypop in his mouth to keep it shut.

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