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Dr. Qadri’s son, 3000 PAT workers booked in FIR for violence


Around 3,000 workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), including PAT chief Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s son Hussain Mohiuddinh, were booked by the police for Tuesday’s violent clash with the police in Lahore, a private news channel reported.

Tuesday clash resulted in the killing of at least eight people outside the secretariat of Minhaj-ul-Quran International (MQI) in Model Town area of Lahore.

Atleast 70 others were also injured in the skirmish.

The clash erupted over removal of security barriers outside the MQI secretariat and Dr. Qadri’s residence early on Tuesday morning.

Mohiuddin has been booked as the central accused in the case along with the party workers.

A one-man tribunal of Lahore High Court and police are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, PAT has announced to file three petitions against the Punjab Government in LHC for attacking and killing the unarmed party workers, including women.

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  1. Nazia said:

    Qadri and sons are here to divert the attention of media and public from war like operations in its own land.This way ISI is able to create same scene of threat for sharif brothers that was created for ISI chief on hamid mir attack .So tit for tat game is in progress between two mad elephants and people are just dying for their blind faith on fake leaders.

  2. Nazia said:

    Qadri is just punjabi version of Altaf bhai and establishment supporting him to settle his team in same manner in Lahore as they fixed MQM mafia in Karachi.These powers cant think more than this to control people through fake mafia.They didnt learn lesson from destroyed culture of Karachi under such mafia but still on mission to spread their wings like that

  3. uzmma said:

    This review of the fatwa is being written because I've heard all kinds of speculation concerning Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul- Qadri's religious decree (fatwa) on terrorism and suicide bombings that was issued and released in 2010. But there's a lot that the speculators have neglected to mention.

    It is important to note that the fatwa comes from a source that is likely to be considered authoritative by large numbers of Sunni Muslims. Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri appears to be well merited with his studies and tutelage in classical Islam under various eminent scholars. He has received around 500 authorities and chains of transmission from famous scholars in the Muslim world in hadith and classical and spiritual sciences. Dr. Qadri also has a modern academic education in Islamic law through to the level of a doctorate, is a leading jurist in Pakistan, and has a presence on Pakistani cable television. He is also known outside of Pakistan due to his educational work.

    • Nazia said:

      You think he is popular for his educational work??What kind of educational services he is providing to literate society of Lahore and now Canada too.If he has such an level of Islamic intellectualism then why he didnt set his camp in northern border to teach out of control Islamic militants or migrate to Kashmir for giving them true glimpses of Islam.So sorry for his admirers who are unaware of misusing his powers and creating more polarization in the disturbed system of Pakistan.At this time he is acting like pied piper of Pakistani agency ISI and on his tune others like IK, Shiekh rasheed and q league are following him.

  4. rizwan said:

    bohat aasaan hay tanqeed karna magar muskal hay isllah karna pahly apni phir dossroon kee

  5. Anon said:

    If he knew it before, he could put his son in a container …

  6. SACHAKHAN said:


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