Blasphemous TV programme: Arrest warrants issued against Mir Shakeel, Shaista Lodhi, Veena Malik - Pakistan Today

Blasphemous TV programme: Arrest warrants issued against Mir Shakeel, Shaista Lodhi, Veena Malik


An anti-terrorism court has issued arrest warrants against Geo TV owner and its programme host for airing blasphemous content in its morning show.

ATC judge Tariq Anwar Kasi on Thursday issued the warrants against Geo’s owner Mir Shakeelur Rehman, morning show host Dr Shaista Lodhi as well as actress Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khattak for presenting and being a part of the blasphemous programme.

The warrants have been issued following an FIR lodged for blasphemy on a complaint by citizen Muhammad Naseem under section 298/7 and other sections of Anti-Terrorism act.

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  1. Azher said:

    Well done. Let’s set the example to the world for zero tolerance to our religious beliefs. Take geo down. Jewish and Hindu owned anyway!!

    • Thomas Butler said:

      Not clear. Except you don't like Jews and Hindus. Who is it you will tolerate?

  2. Maulvi sahib khan said:

    You are right paisay Hindus aur ewes seh liar bund musalmanoon ki Marta au yet geo tv haramzada

  3. saqib Jamil said:

    Life time ban should be imposed on Jew (Geo) TV for implementing / toeing agenda of enemies of Pakistan. Only enemies of Pakistan will oppose ban on Jew TV. Long Live Pakistan and Pakistan Army

    • Thomas Butler said:

      Uncle Al Qaida owns you now. Beware. You'll all be shot in the stadium for your wicked beliefs. You are poor, poor muslims. You certainly are not human. Try a little compasion, why don't ya.

  4. jeeya said:

    yup geo shd b baned.being a muslim nation we cnt tolerate wit d enemies of religion n country

  5. Hansty Hui Larki said:

    Geo is great. U all had been enjoying Geo, now calling it a Jew Channel. SHAME on u all…… U had been enjoying all their news and political programs… One mistake,,, and u guys r turned against them and start blaming thrm……R U GUYS GOOD MUSLIMS BY YOUR OWN????? Apne aap ko dekhte nahi aur doosron ko Kafir…….u guys r the blasphemers who r not practicing Islam yet saying to other…. U guys r hypocrites…

  6. Hansty Hui Larki said:

    Only ignorant Shaista Wahidi and shameless Veena should be punished not the great Geo Channel…. Geo is super n awesome. One idiot cannot represent the whole channel

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