Altaf Hussain arrested in London on money laundering charges, MQM denies news | Pakistan Today

Altaf Hussain arrested in London on money laundering charges, MQM denies news

  • MQM Chief arrested in raid at residence by Special Operations Unit  of London Metropolitan Police
  • MQM Rabita Committee denies news of arrest, insists Hussain is at home
  • Business centres, transport, educational institutes shutting down across various parts of Sindh
  • Protests and aerial firing reported in areas of Karachi, Hyderabad
  • Security on high alert in the metropolis 


Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain was arrested on Tuesday by   London Metropolitan police  on charges of money laundering, a private news channel reported.

The police has confirmed arrest of a ’60-year-old’ man from North-West London on money laundering charges but has not disclosed the exact identity as the British police do not name suspects until they are charged.

According to the sources, the MQM chief was taken in to custody after a raid by London Police’s Special Operations Unit at his residence in North West London. His residence has been sealed.

He is currently at the Central London police station.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the the arrest of MQM chief was of an extremely sensitive matter. He said that the government will take all legal angles into account.

Moreover, he has directed his party members to avoid giving media statements and keep regard of the diplomatic ties with the British Government.


The Muttahida Qaumi Movement leaders on Tuesday held a press conference following the news of arrest.

MQM leader Nusrat Nadeem addressed the press conference from London via telephone.

Nadeem said that the MQM chief is at his home and is constantly in contact with party members.

He appealed the party workers and public to remain peaceful and pay no heed to rumours.


Immediately after the news of Hussain’s arrest, Karachi Stock Exchange 100 index  dropped by more than 780 points.

The market is now recovering.

Business centres, shops and educational institutes were being closed down across the metropolis, as well as various parts of Sindh; including Hyderabad, Sukkur and Nawab Shah.

There have also been reports of aerial firing and resulting injuries in Gulistan-e-Johar, Natha Khan and Baldia Town.

The British High Commission has also been temporarily closed in the city while security is on high alert across Karachi.

MQM Rabita Committee Aminul Haq has said that the party will issue a statement regarding the event and will inform everyone about the situation.

MQM is expected to hold a press conference at 3pm.

Meanwhile, MQM leader Farogh Naseem has denied the news of Altaf Hussain’s arrest saying that the London police arrived at Hussain’s residence only to record his statement.


On May 26, Senior MQM leader Dr Farooq Sattar addressed a large rally to disclose that Hussain’s bank accounts were being frozen in London and asked MQM supporters to continue their struggle against the British authorities.

Investigations of charges of money laundering against Hussain initiated back in December 2012.

The London Metropolitan Police raided his residence and office in London on December 6 under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act in connection with the investigation of Dr Imran Farooq murder case.

In a letter written in July 2013, the London police confirmed that investigations were going on, adding that ‘a considerable amount of money’ was recovered during the raids at both locations. The money was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

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  1. MQM Jiyala said:

    Mubarak to every one, on this grand news

    • asad said:

      Mubarak to you and to whole muslim world. Allah ose jahanum pahoncha ye. Ameen

    • Kamal said:

      Very Very Good News, Mubarak to everybody. All Pakistan is very very Happy

    • Qaseem said:

      jazak allah,allah khush rakhy Scotland Yard ko.Dr Imran Farooq case bhi peechhy laga hay sathion

    • zahoor47 said:

      Allah ka shukr hey allah ki lathi bey aawaz hey

  2. Pakistani said:

    Khair Mubarak. May ALLAH Almighty bless our country and this world with rule of law.
    May Pakistan be free from all terrorists and terrorist political parties

  3. samia said:

    Dunya aik bohat baray fasaad say Paak ho jiaygy, inshAllah.
    Bohat khoon bahaya hay isnay abb iski pikurr hui.

  4. Kamal said:

    Congratulations. Very Good News, Everyone is Happy

  5. Abdullah Mohammad said:

    great'he should be hanged.the worst ever target killer.bathkhor,blackmailers ever born.ever since mqm came to being,country has gone to gods

  6. Farmanullah Marwat said:

    Allah k haan der hay Andher nahein…………Kitnay maoon ka goad Ujara hoga…………

    Congrats to Dr Imran farooq family.

  7. kashif said:

    at last there is some justice….i hope they hang him….for all the people he ordered to murder in karachi

    • KHAN BABA said:

      han tum jaisay loag hi meer jaffar hotay hain

  8. loyal pakistan said:

    loyal pakistani
    Congrulation to every , at least rule of law there , agar pakistan mein hota to maza kar raha hota, Karachi walay bhi apna khalyal rakhain, q kah ab sara nazala un pay giray ga

    • Hussain said:

      Karachi people are feeling very happy and free

  9. Aamir - Toronto said:

    Congrats to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters, indeed this is a great news !!!!

    I hope he is put behind bars for rest of his life.

  10. Mustafa said:

    none of your wish will come true pakistani people he will b back untill hes under police of london he will make pak and karachi especially as a hell lol

    • Khattak said:

      Khud hi Keh Rahay Ho Terrorist Hay Kia Paalto Kutt’ay Ho Kha’n Baba Nakli Pathan.

  11. Anila said:

    Allah ka karam ha mary watan aziz pa ka wakt ka dajal. Masoom insano ka kaatil apny muntaki anjaam ko puhanch raha ha. Every one have to prey shukrana nawafil



  12. haider naqvi said:

    mubarak ho karchi walo. Allah nay raham keya ha aap sab pa

  13. aashna mir said:

    London Police is very responsible and respectable police he was very
    good in altaf husan case we respect they will solve all problems in Altaf Hussein case

  14. Shah said:

    Allah ne Quran me farmaya: ke khair ke be zare zare ka hasab ho ga aur shar ke be zare zare ka hasab ho ga yeah hai insaf

    • amir said:

      good is k 7 wo hashar hona chaye k ane wali nasle yad rakhe

      • Khattak said:

        Uss Kam Asal Ki Ainda Nasal Hi Nahin Wo Tou Bàîćhàrã Hijroon Ka Sardar Thaa Nasal Kahan Se Aati, Albat’a Lai Palak F.S, H.R, B.G Waghaira Ab Chohay Ki Tarah Bill’on Mein Ghus Ga’ay Hon Ge Karachi Wal’on Ko Chahiay Nikal Nikal Ker Ghasitain Aur 30 Saal Ka Hisab Lain.

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  15. Shaz said:

    This janwaar is going to jail in England that’s where he belongs

  16. warda said:

    بدبخت افریقی شہری کی خانہ کعبہ کے احاطے میں افریقی حملہ میں توڑ پھوڑ۔۔۔ ویڈیو ۔۔۔
    African assault on the campus of the Kaaba Video Link==>>

  17. Syed said:

    Being a Pakistani I am proud to be a good Pakistani. I live in Canada however would not like to put good or bad commens. I dont pray for some one to get hang. It should be a God decision. I dont support any politics. I have seen the world have found most of the upper management of any Government is corrupt somehow but it depend how corrupt they are. I belive in myself I am the one who came out from the same environment and today I have every good things in my life. Dear life is shor work on your good skill prove yourself. Do something good so that people remember you. Good luck Pakistani bhi.

  18. Abbas Ali said:

    Scotland Yard should take special "interest" in pakistani politicians coming to UK for "fundraising" or for some dubious charitable functions, which is nothing short of money laundering – one such person is emu khan!

  19. Ravian said:

    "lo aaj apnay daam mein sayyad aa gia." This became very obvious to Altaf and all his party leaders when they started crying for Pakistani passport. He wanted to now runaway from his so-far safe haven of 24 years and come back to the country which he was avoiding to come to because he considered unsafe for his life. This is the quality of our political leaders. Now they are burning buses and businesses in Karachi. Why? Do that where he has been arrested.

  20. Pathan said:

    What a country when a man was arrested because of criminal activities our country markets and school go closed..shame on Pakistani politicians and law makers. all there including Altaf Hussian diesel buffalo

  21. Mazhar Khan said:

    Now is the turn for Sharifs and Zardaris and theire cronies why they are being spared by British Govt. Sharif are openly involved in money laundering. All corrupt including Fazlurrehman should now me captured in Pakistan and tried. Who we are waiting for. Imran should now pursue this issue with more vigour

  22. Khattak said:

    Geedhar Ki Mout Aati Hay Tou Shehr Ki Taraf Bhagta Hay, Iss Kameenay Adam Khor Ki Mout Aee Thee UK Bhag Gia Thaa Izraeel Wahan Pogonch Gia,
    Dunham Allah

  23. Khattak said:

    Subhan Allah
    Ab Saray Paiti Band Haram Ke Pakistani Hukumti/Opposition Susat Daan Apnay Partner In Crime Ko Bachanay Maidan Mein A Ja’ain Ge.

  24. Khattak said:

    Turning point for Karachi In Shaa Allah now karachi’ites to drag all his cronies from their holes it’s a God sent long awaited oppurtuniy to get rid of their clutches.

  25. wadood said:

    allah britan police ko hemmat dai international mujrem our ko gireftar ker gai hay kororo log es mujrem ko anjam tak ponchnay k intizar may hay

  26. zahoor47 said:

    Allah is zalim sey hamarey pyarey mulk Pakistan ko mehfooz rakhey

  27. mast mastana said:

    In reality Altaf Hussain is the biggest enemy of Mohajirs as most of the urdu sp mohjirs live in Karachi so close Karachi in order to deprive mohajirs of their jobs,bussiness,Karachi should be completely handed over to army to run the commercial hub peacefully

  28. tariq mahmood said:

    it is a good start.we need to arrest zardari and sharif clan also

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