Adult movie star strikes back at PTA official for blocking twitter account in Pakistan: report | Pakistan Today

Adult movie star strikes back at PTA official for blocking twitter account in Pakistan: report

American adult movie star Miriam Weeks, a.k.a.  Belle Knox , has reacted strongly to her twitter account being blocked from access from within Pakistan, The Telegraph reported.

Weeks; a student at Duke University, was among the users whose accounts were banned in the country for “blasphemous” or “unethical” content by Twitter upon the request of an official of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

In the month of May, PTA official Abdul Batin had made five requests to Twitter, calling to block access to drawings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), photographs of burning copies of the Holy Quran and messages from a handful of anti-Islam bloggers as well as the entire account of Weeks, an  American porn star.

All five of the requests were honoured by the website using the Country Withheld Content Tool.

Weeks alias Bella Knox strongly criticized the PTA official in her email to

“I believe Mr Batin has a problem with me because for whatever reason, I am his poster child: a woman with her own agency and free expression, some icon of perceived cultural degeneration that he feels he can censor to feel better about himself,” the news report quotes Weeks from the email as saying.

“If he thinks I am a soft target, he’s going to be surprised. I stand up for sex workers, and will continue to do so because I feel that often, we’re disregarded as casualties,” Weeks added.

The Telegraph report further added that the porn star had acknowledged that her account being blocked was insignificant in comparison with political groups being silenced within the country.

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  1. Saad sawar said:

    Weeks doesnot know anything about our culture and religion , she is just talking about her own perspective
    I commend the PTA ' s actions

  2. Aijaz Hussain said:

    Finally someone with enough balls to speak up against the idiotic decisions of the online preachers. The whole world should cutoff/boycott Pakistan til these idiots cone to their senses

  3. Javaid Bashir said:

    PTA has the responsibility to report such blasphemy and obscene language expressed by any one in the world. Wesite needs to be used properly. Content lie the one's reported by the PTa official needs to be censored and blocked. It is sacreligious and hate speech forbidden by laws.

    The porn star Weeks is upset but it makes no difference, she should realize her fault and apologize instead of making it sound bad. She is not considered weak as her name indicates.She should count the days and one day ot will dawn on her the foolishness of her act. She might save her soul by converting to Islam and becoming a good moral individual.

    • hina said:

      what are you even talking about?!
      her tweets were not "sacreligious and hate speech forbidden by laws."
      she should just be blocked because she's discussing a topic that you would rather ignore?

  4. hina said:

    encouraging religious and moral policing is wrong on all levels.
    i am a grown up individual who is capable of deciding whether i want to read tweets by someone who works in the sex industry.
    and no, her tweets were not [conveniently] "blasphemous".

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