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Blasphemy attempt? Geo condemned by religious leaders for disrespecting Islamic personalities in morning show



Religious leaders of Pakistan have strongly condemned Geo TV for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims by playing  manqabat ‘ Ali ke Saath hai Zahra ki Shaadi’ during the wedding reenactment of film Actress Veena Malik in its morning show, a private news channel reported on Thursday.

In the morning show, hosted by Dr. Shaista Wahidi on Wednesday, a live music band played the sufi number during the wedding reenactment of Veena Malik while the attendants at the event danced to it.

In a talk show hosted by Mubasher Lucman, religious leaders including Sunni Ittehad Council leader Shahibzada Hamid Raza, Allama Abbas Kumaili, Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Shia Ulma Council leader Allama Mazhar Abbas Rizvi, Vice President of Tahaffuz e Azadari Council Ali Raza Bukhari and others have strongly condemned Geo TV for disrespecting Islamic personalities and hurting the sentiments of their followers.

Sunni Ittehad Council leader Shahibzada Hamid Raza said that the actions going on during the manqabat constituted of disrespect to the manqabat as well as the Islamic personalities. He also lamented the ignorance of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) over allowing broadcast of such content.

The religious leaders have demanded an apology from the TV network, threatening of a boycott as well as legal action against the channel.

Ali Raza Bukhari, VP of Tahaffuz e Azadari Council, while talking to the news channel, said that Geo TV has attempted blasphemy by disrespecting the family of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and demanded a legal action.

‘ Ali ke Saath hai Zahra ki Shaadi’  is a renowned manqabat sung by Qawaal Amjad Sabri. It is about the wedding of Hazrat Fatima Zehra (AS), daughter of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH), with Hazrat Ali (AS), Muhammad’s (PBUH) cousin and one of the closest companions.

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  1. Muslim said:

    Why only religious scholars? Are no Muslims left here? If this is not taken notice of by Pakistanis then rest assured you will regret one day.This is deliberate and GEO should now be banned.

    • Atif said:

      Brother , what you are saying is absolutely right

    • Rubab Ahmer said:

      We all are together to condemn such an attempt. Ats a shame. Where is our society going ?its a big shame for all muslims.

    • noor said:

      laanat hai esey media pe. es khatoon ka tu pakistan aana tak manah hona chahiey tha na k us ki shadi manai jati. ye sub kuch kia he es bakwas k liey gea. shaista mar jao doob ker tum tu chulo bhar pani main.

    • hameed said:

      is qisim kay program doosray channels bhi kartay hain in ko kisi nay kuch nahi kaha geo nay kia tu sab uskay pechhay paRay hooai hain halankay Geo maafi mang chukaa hay lahaza ab uski jaan chhoR daini chahiyai aur in channels kay peechhay lagna chahiyai jinhonay maafi nahi maangi?

  2. Rauf said:

    Why veena was given VIP welcome?Do Shaista not know about her repute, shame for Drrrrrrrrrr Shaista & all other related companions.

  3. Noman said:

    I seriously condemn this act and morning show should be banned as well as the group who has performed this manqabat in that way.

  4. Erum said:

    shameful act …. i condemn this disrespectful act of these bloody ppl and pemra. geo should be banned for forever … MAY ALLAH PAK CURSE THEM …… Shame on u Geo shame on u shaista shame on veena and all the team members directors and producers who are part of this …. ALLAH PAK TABAH O BARBAAD karain inhain ILLAHI AMEEN

  5. SFB said:

    Shameful Act ! How can you even think of doing such a disrespectful thing….
    We all know the reputation of Veena Malik and also understand her purpose of being on the show….to fetch ratings…
    I so wish these hosts like Shaista Wahidi were literate enough to use such a platform to create awareness in the minds of a common viewer. Despite they have constantly being showing meaningless, ridiculous and baseless shows….which are totally crappy and de-moralizing….

    Ban the show please….!! We have had enough of this $$$$ !!

    • switzerland said:

      Can I just say something here.. why is Veena so famous? why would she bring ratings? I will tell you why its because of people its as simple as that people like to see this so before blaming it on Veena and shahista etc maybe you should be pointing your finger in a different direction, thats all i am going to say!

  6. Muhammad Furqan said:

    Geo deserve for a suicide blast

    • Asjad said:

      Theres being passionate and then theres being over the top, you my friend are the latter, any non muslims reading this we dont resolve our issues with suicide blast.

    • saleem said:

      You should apologize for this comment. Stupid comments like this lead to more bigotry in society

    • usman said:

      You are now on the radar of isi, cia and nsa (Y)

  7. Umar said:

    Veena and GEO will be unsuccessful. They will fall in disgrace.

  8. sohaib said:

    Geo must be banned .stupid chanell ever huh

    • switzerland said:

      Why should GEO be banned? That is the most stupid solution I have ever heard! Instead of solving the problem your just hiding the problem!

  9. abbas said:

    veena shame for you. gio shame shame ………….

  10. Shoaib said:

    This is very Shameful and stupid thinking of geo's (jew) morning show , Utho Jago Pakistan .
    Shaista ( anchor of show ) is a must be Died by a Drop of water .

  11. Owais said:

    Shaista did not even did 'IDDAT' after her divorce, neglecting the laws of Quran and Hadees, you know such person is truly a Kaffir, what can we expect from her…

    • switzerland said:

      You have no right in pointing fingers and saying she is a kaffiir! you have no right to judge anyone! How was she supposed to do IDDAT when she needed to earn money its not like money comes from trees which I hope you know yourself try putting yourself in her shoes before you point fingers, and dont forget Allah knows best and again I advise you to become a better person try to perfect yourself and things you do wrong instead of pointing fingers and thinking you know that person.
      Allah knows best.

    • Samar said:

      She did complete her iddat. Someone else was hosting the show in her place you absolutely have no right. Your no better than anyone.

  12. Amina said:

    Geo ko ban kro or dobe maro Geo walo…………………………

  13. NADEEM said:


  14. asim said:

    govt should crushed such type of people otherwise they crushed muslim HOSH KRO

  15. Maniam Iqbal said:

    Its good thing that media has freedom. But they should not misuse it. They should atleast think over once before doing anything!

  16. Mohsin habib said:

    Agar Islam ki touheen karne par Youtube ko ban kia ja sakta ha to phr "jew"(geo) ko b ban kar dena chahye

  17. sumaira said:

    feeling ashamed being such kind of muslim n pakistani who is tolerating these kind of things on our media i think all the muslims should condemn ………….. stop any channel who do this wrong including geo

    • A.Khan said:

      For God sake….don't shove islam in everyone's throat…we do not want islam in every hour of our life.
      Too much islam in Pakistan….we need a break.

  18. Minahil said:

    Geo should be banned. No apology should be accepted. Shame on geo for showing such a disrespectful show.

  19. Ghulam Shabbir said:

    shameful act by geo tv. the concerned must be punished for their heinous crime.

  20. Muneer said:

    How can this biased media hurt sentiments of people, Is this what Pakistan is all about.

  21. Shaher bano said:

    Geo should be banned ……….. Really jago pakistannnn

  22. Khalil Ahmed said:

    Bund kerna chahiye geo tv or is k tamam logo ko

  23. Naveed Rehman said:

    Total disgrace….We have gone miles away from religion. Such act are in fact the testers thrown to u by the zionist mindset to check the religious pulse. Well if not slapped well and proper…. they will further increase the level of beghairti in order to increase the threshold of beghairti. O Allah plz give us the rt path for we are going astray. Ameen

    • A.Khan said:

      Islam has done a good job in turning people away…it stinks.
      Get rid of this cancer and evil.

  24. sonam malik said:

    Shame 4 geo TV on inviting veena malik at their chhanel’this shows how loyal they r with their country………….?

    • Ali said:

      see other channels too, see veena on ary digital too

  25. Abbas Ali said:

    Bibi Fatima (AS) is the heart and soul of Islam, how can the Light of Islam be compared with this lowest of the low , who has sold her body and soul for fame and money -Geo should have known better!

  26. Zahid Kamal said:

    This is shameful act no doubt, but also punishable are those who wrote that poem. What kind of kalam was that ? Malik of black and white is Allah swt not Ali ra. Stupid writer, stupid qawal and stupid producers, all should be brought to justice according to Islamic law.

  27. Switzerland said:

    Okay seriously get over it people! Why should GEO be banned?

    what about the vulgarity thats hidden in Pakistan maybe we should sort that out before pointing fingers its easy to point fingers and blame others how about all you people who are talking negative look at yourself and try sorting yourself out!

    and those talking about shahista at least she admit what she did was wrong and that shows alot!

    the comments i am seeing in youtube on her channel are disgusting and wahiyaat things that people are saying about her I dont understand why no one is pointing fingers there?!

    Just remember if you point one finger at someone three fingers point back at yourself.

    Allah knows best and its not in our hands to say or judge someone, so please people who are saying all these negative things keep it to yourself and don't say anything at all!

  28. zara said:

    geo should never be unbanned nd espacially this utho nacho pakistan show!!!! should never ever ever be allowed!! DAMN

  29. raabiah mir said:

    Who is better muslim and who’s not, no 1 judge except Allah, plz try not to be judgemental, and by the way, as I know shaista completted her iddat after divorce. We should improve us to b a pure muslim instead saying kaffir to others. May God help us us to b safe from jahanum, this does’nt mean that I am in favour of shaista or geo, no not at all. But
    Apni nafrat mein itna mt barrh jao musalmaano k doosron ko Daeyra e islam sy hi khaarij kr do. Allah hum sb per reham farmaye, or doosron ko pyaar sey badalny ki toufeeq dey, Ameen

  30. pari said:

    1st watch urself than blame others discusting peoplesssssssssssssss

  31. Umar Khan said:

    Terrible, terrible, terrible! In 1970s this group caused huge fight against shias and sunnis and later they apologized. It is now time to stop watching this Indian funded channel.

      • Ali said:

        please also watch ary digital and nida yair programm, what is the difference ?

  32. Faisal said:

    All Morning shows must be re-concept and content specially Geo morning show

  33. Rehan said:

    Geo & other channels who attempted this must be banned for life

  34. Muslim said:

    Geo Must. B banned
    lanat ho shaista lodhi

  35. Custrd said:

    You people are not making any sense at all. Any banning of any media is wrong and should not be done. Put simply, if you do not like what a channel says then you have complete control to CHANGE the channel. If you do not like a website, don't surf it. No one is forcing you to watch anything. I disagree with what they have to say but I will defend their right to say it.

    Secondly, why is everyone so bothered by Pakistan slowly going away from religion? It is a good thing, religion interfering in political and law making is an ancient idea and no advanced country does it anymore. The further Pakistan moves away form religion the closer it gets to achieving actual advancement. Religion is nothing but a block holding people back.

    Thirdly, people should only be concerned about blaspheme if it is done on purpose. Also, this is a song sung USUALLY at weddings, it has been sung millions of times before. This isn't anything new, we are not really Muslims. Until we accept that we are not truly Muslims we cannot accept ourselves and will boil and seethe until we burst.

  36. Rana Naveed Ahmad said:

    Geo should be banned 4ever…

  37. huma said:

    Allah ki lanat ho aysy logon per jo is gonah main shamil han

  38. Saif Ur Rehman said:

    We should take strict action against geo otherwise Allah will be annoyed on us….

  39. waqas said:

    very very very bad …. i condemn this disrespectful act of these bloody ppl and pemra. geo should be banned for forever … MAY ALLAH PAK CURSE THEM …… Shame on u Geo shame on u shaista shame on veena and all the team members directors and producers who are part of this …. ALLAH PAK TABAH O BARBAAD karain inhain ILLAHI AMEEN

  40. ashraf dogar said:

    all people who participated should be punished. if geo apologizes then it is acceptable only if these people are not allowed to appear in media in any program

  41. Robina said:

    In the first place such weddings should be banned on these morning shows. They should think about the needy who dont have a meal to eat , and here they are arranging marraiges of celebrities who are already married. Spending so much money. What must be going through the minds of the girls who cannot afford a simple suit etc..

  42. Aamir Berni said:

    What is “manaqabat” anyway? Why is it so important and sanctified? Nothing is holy except for the name of God, the Most High. We are forbidden by God to pay tribute, bow down or worship in any way anything except for God. How many gods do we still have today?

  43. Shah said:

    Gustakh e Rasool ki Saza
    Sar tan say juda……..!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Ishaque said:

    After reading the above comments it shows the close minded mentality of right wing Pakistanis, there is no difference between you guys and the Taliban.

  45. manzoor ahmad said:

    height of irresponsibility boy geo channel .A true muslim cannot bear such shameful programs .concerned must be.severely reprimanded . .

  46. yasin said:

    shameful act by geo tv. the concerned must be punished for their heinous crime. and stop yhe geo permnently

  47. Aiman said:

    It is a disrespectful to do such a thing how can they give veena the level of hazrat fatima by playing the munqabat

  48. Munir Hussyn said:

    Shame on this media house for bringing such low category couples in its show and sounding of those Pak Personalities manqabat whom Allah made Pak. Or hum ne AHALE Bayt ko tamam najasat se pak saf kiya. says Quran. Shame on you Mir Shakeel and your Media group. No difference between you and Yazeed.

  49. Azher said:

    Now if a European magazine had done this Pakistan would be first to criticise. We should set the example now – in our own country. Punish geo for blasphemy and fine their owners. Ridiculous amounts of money. And then close them down.

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