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Afghanistan blames Pakistan for firing rockets

Afghanistan has accused Pakistan of firing 36 rockets from its soil on Dangam and Shigal districts of Kunar province.

According to Kunar Police Chief General Abdul Haseeb Sayedkhil, the rockets have been fired from Pakistan side on the two districts in the past 24 hours. He said the rockets have caused financial losses and destroying agricultural fields, but no casualties.

Sayedkhil also said firing rockets from Pakistan soil on districts of the province had been continuing in the past four years, resulting in killing and injuring hundreds of people.

He also said the Afghan government and international community still have not been able to prevent Pakistan from firing the rockets.

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  1. afghan said:

    Pakistan will break no matter what Punjabis(converted) hindu dna will do

    • afghan12 said:

      inshallah brother, im from FATA we need to kill these punajbies and kunar pashtuns need to ready up for a war

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