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Pope ordains new priests, including one from Pakistan

Pope Francis on Sunday ordained new priests in the Vatican, including one from Pakistan, telling them they were not “masters of doctrine” and should be more forgiving of their parishioners.

According to the Vatican Radio, Javed Raza Gill, a ‘Discalced Augustinian’ from Khanewal, Pakistan is also one of the 13 new priests to be ordained.

The 13 priests, who lay face down in front of the altar as part of the ordination ritual, included six from Italy and one each from Pakistan, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, South Korea, Venezuela and Vietnam.

“It really pains me when I come across people who no longer go to confession because they get harangued, badly treated, told off,” Francis said in his homily at the ordination mass in St Peter’s Basilica.

“They feel the doors of the church are being shut in their faces. Please do not do this. Have mercy,” the Argentine pontiff said, adding, “It is not you who are the masters of doctrine, it’s the Lord’s doctrine.”

Pope Francis has put forward a more tolerant and pastoral approach than his predecessors, insisting for example that priests should baptise the children of unmarried Catholic couples and single mothers.

He has also said the Catholic Church should not be “obsessed” with topics like abortion, contraception and gay marriage although he has not called for any changes to Catholic doctrine on these issues.

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  1. Nancy Qureshi said:

    Popes message is great and same as the message from True Islam. The real Islam taught by the prophet Mohammad (PBUM) and his family..
    God love tolerance, forgiveness, love, to mankind. It does not matter what religion you believe in, was born in or you practice. The message from all are same, love for humanity, kindness, forgiveness, help poor, homeless, sick and deprived people from the surrounding.
    I am requesting from people from all walks of life, from every nation to just remember one thing.
    We all the creation of the God Almighty.
    We all will have to return to Him some day and answer for our actions.
    All good people love peace, humanity and love to educate the unfortunate masses of the world.
    Education is the only tool to awareness. To wipe the terrorism from all nations all will have to unite on one platform.

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