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Demand of caps, sunglasses rise with soaring temperature


With the advent of summer, demand of caps, sunglasses and umbrella has gone rampant in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
People of all age groups, have been visiting twin city’ shops in search of fancy caps to save them from the scorching sun. As that can keep them relatively cool and is healthy for the skin too.
“The ever-changing fashion trends brings youngsters at shops looking for fancy caps to beat the heat which also gives them a cool look in this intense hot weather,” said Asim Imran , a salesman at a caps shop in Jinnah Super.
Yasir Bashir another cap seller at Commercial market said that buyers mostly asked for pure cotton material as the nylon caps or caps made of other synthetic material give off a bad odour and also result in hair loss.
Brisk sale is also being witnessed by the shopkeepers selling sunglasses. People in large numbers throng to these shops for glasses to maintain their fashion statement as well as prevent them from sun rays.
Asif Ali, sunglasses seller at Melody, said that he was earning a handsome amount these days due to severe weather condition and informed that a large number of motorcyclists are purchasing glasses and caps.
Another sunglass shopkeeper at Super Market said, “Every summer we witness a steep rise in our sunglasses sale. However this summer, sale for sunglasses has increased tremendously as compared to last year.”
Tahir Waqas, a student, said that he always used sunglasses while driving motorcycle to avoid air pressure and keep eyes safe from dust.
However, the ophthalmists warn people against using sub-standard sun glasses just to save some money as it could prove harmful for their eyes.
“Ill effects of using poor quality sunglasses can cause eye irritation, tears in eyes due to the difference in lens transparency, visual distortion, headache and blurred vision etc,” eye specialist and consultant Dr Ali said.
He advised that the people to keep themselves away from heat wave and use sunglasses and caps to avoid the impact of the on-going hot season. He warned that recent spell of heat wave could cause meningitis especially in kids.

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