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Geo management distances itself from Mir’s allegations

The management of the Jang and Geo News group on Sunday distanced itself from the allegations levelled against the ISI with its anchors claiming that the Mir brother’s allegations did not reflect the media outfit’s stance on the issue.

Soon after the attack on Mir, most media houses had aired allegations against the ISI and its director-general for over 14 hours since the attack took place.

Geo anchorperson Amir Liaquat Hussain claimed during a talk show that the allegations against the ISI and its DG were not a policy of the media group. He said the allegations were only from the family of Hamid Mir and not from the media house’s management.

Later, another anchorperson, Najam Sethi in his programme Apas Ki Baat welcomed Amir Liaquat’s statement, stating that it was a wise decision by Geo group to clarify that it had no link with statements of Hamid Mir’s brother regarding involvement of the DG ISI in the attack on the journalist.

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  1. Pakistani said:

    Too late. Shot has been fired et their own foot.

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  3. jamshed kharian-pak said:

    Hamid Mir another victim of zionist usa's machinations against the Islamic Reoublic Of Pakistan

  4. Expert JD/MD said:

    Run like a coward Geo/Jang. What happened to your bravery? It's hilarious.

  5. Ghias Khan said:

    Geo management is smart it realized it cannot prove the allegations aired in its programme by its newpersons and anchors and would have cost them a lot in defamation costs, so better to distance itself than bear financial loss

  6. immortalsoloist said:

    GEO is the most anti-Pakistan channel.

    They are the masters of yellow journalism.

    • mahmood said:

      Geo news should rename itself as geo india news.

      • immortalsoloist said:

        Absolutely agreed. When the journalist Haroon Rashid asked a common woman in Lahore what her favourite Indian Channel is,she said GEO TV.

  7. Bilal Qayum Khan said:

    How can you detach yourself from allegation once you have aired it for 14 hours by showing the accused party as criminals. This childish behaviour should not be condoned and GEO should pay the price.

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